A Book is a Thing I Made

OKay– so I thought I’d be done with Fish 4 by now, so I could do nothing but post Moon/Fish, but alas, that is not to be.

I’ll probably finish tonight, which is good because I’m behind two edits and I’ve basically been dodging social media to hit my deadlines like the professional I try to be. (The fun part is when I’m trying to make a writing deadline and I miss an editing deadline because HOLY SHIT IS THAT WHAT DAY IT IS???? So much fun. I’m reeling from joy at that one. Anyway…)

There will be Moon/Fish tomorrow because it’s gong in the back of Fish 4, but tonight, look at the pretty pictures of my family and be distracted!


 A thing Squish made!

 A thing a reader sent me that I love!  (We lOVED the blood orange preserves by the way!!! The yarn still needs to be wound!)

 A think I”m making that I love a lot! (Which is good because I’m not even halfway through and I was going to send a pattern to Yarn! Magazine!)

 A thing Goddess made? This is the cross between a pit bull and a dachshund. I’m assuming it’s made by the dachshund on top, but other than that, she was the sweetest, kindest, most adorable animal in the dog park and I fell deeply in love.


A think my family made!  They left me home to finish the GDB (a Karen Rose acronym for GOD DAMNED BOOK, which I have borrowed for my very own.

A thing that surprised me… when I was laying down to take my nap… because she was RIGHT UNDER MY PILLOW.

Goddammit, Gibbs!

May you hit your rack with no Chihuahuas under your pillow.

For one thing they snore!


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