A Brain on Borrowed Power

So I haven’t blogged in a while because my interwebs were down.

I didn’t know why they were down. All I knew was that I had two edits to finish and a deadline to make and MY INTERWEBS WERE DOWN.

Yikes, right?

Anyway, so, downed interwebs, and stressed Amy. Not so much fun, no.

And in the middle, we had the Weenie Hallows, and the shopping and the dogs to the kenneling, and, oh yes, let us not forget, the PACKING FOR THE MOUSE-EARS PLACE.

*hangs head* I have two T-shirts I promised to wear at the Mouse-Ears place and I can’t find them. I put one of them in a special drawer, just to wear to the Mouse-Ears place, and it is nowhere to be found.

I am so ashamed.

And there was money–very forgotten money, and I had to get the money into the bank place so it would be remembered money, and there were problems, and I had to call the magic money people and there was paperwork and… *looks down* I am no good with magic money people–but they figured out how for me to get the magic money and now we can go to the Mouse-Ears place and do that most wondrous thing.


Also walk all over and go on rides.

And the smol dogs had must be taken to nice puppersitters and they were very sad. They like the puppersitters, but not as much as me.

And I was very sad.

And did I mention the Weenie Hallows where the smol people who are no MOSTLY ALL THE BIG got to wear fun things?

I was so proud of all the once-smol-people and their determination to wear the fun things.

And the Mate, to wear the fun things with them.

And I could not find my T-shirt then, and not now, and there are writings and sendings and cars to be cleaned and…

And the interwebs were down.

And this afternoon, the once-smol-boy who is now MOSTLY ALL THE BIG got under my desk and said, “Mom, I am going to fix the interwebs,” and you know what?

He DID. He DID fix the interwebs, and now I can make with the postings.

And tomorrow we go to the Mouse-Ears Place in a car jam-packed-full of smol people and friends and clothes and snacks until it all pops out of the car thing like a zit.

I shall bring my knitting.

And close my eyes.

And write on the way.

And try to send postings from the Mouse Ears place.

And wish for words now that there are interwebs.

Stay safe this week. It seems that chaos is not just in my brainy-head, it seems to be the world.

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