A brief digestive filk…

I owe this one to a forum buddy with the handle ‘Meaty Ogre’, who stated “Oh, I love chameleons! The flavor changes constantly as I chew! I especially love to find them hiding in Bat Guano because it has that musky flavor of Gray Poupon!”

The rest of this sort of wrote itself:-)

Oh I love chameleons
Their flavor changes as I chew,
And a slaughterfish is tasty
If I’m craving something new.
Bat Guano is a condiment
I can live on happily,
And Cat Yack is a crude-tite
Along with knocking knees of bees!
A Meaty Ogre’s diet
Is wide ranging and diverse
(By wide ranging I mean wandering
About the universe.)
I like Kitty Roca, land mine pancakes
and Feline when squashed flat,
Forget the skinning, I know of many
More than nine ways to EAT a cat!
Goldfish flop quite nicely
Down my gullet to my spleen
(But ex-spleening goldfish to my colon
Ain’t the nicest place they’ve been.)
Oh I love the swamp things–
I love me a good slug
Especially when split in half
And stuffed with wiggly bugs.
Ogres live so long you know,
Because they have much food to live upon…
(I love it when our food’s scared first–
There’s that touch of Grim Poop-on!)

0 thoughts on “A brief digestive filk…”

  1. roxie says:

    EEEWWWWW! You are clearly in touch with your inner six year old.

    And my inner six year old loves it!

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