A brief running away…

Okay– so leaving for Florida in a few hours, and while I’ll have some downtime to blog etc, we all know the vagaries of travel.  My next chance to say hello or goodbye may be a few days away.

Anyway– few things:

A. My computer crashed last night. As in, complete reboot. As in Mate said, “This is the worst screen you can see on a Mac.”

B. In a related note, I discovered that peanut butter chips and white chocolate chips mixed together are DELICIOUS. What can I say– if liquor was my drug, I would have been drinking fermented lime juice from the fridge. But it’s sugar, and that’s what we had.

C. Also, there was knitting. New ball of knitting, and a project for NOBODY I KNOW. Seriously– nobody would like these colors, not even me in a moment of sanity. MY COMPUTER CRASHED. The psychic scar is lasting, just like this project in Kauni yarn.

D. I’m still not done packing. Because AUGH!

E. The dogs know I”m leaving and hate me for it.

F. The cats know I’m leaving and hate everyone else.

G. The kids know I’m leaving but are going camping with Grandma and Grandpa, so that’s okay.

H. My husband knows I’m leaving and will miss me. I haven’t been great company for the last few days–I have no idea why he’d do that, but I love him for it.

I.  Dudes, seriously– I got go!

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  1. Paine says:

    Have you made anything with your Texas bluebonnet yarn yet? I would love to see pictures of it!


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