A Brief Story About the Eclipse

So, this morning ZoomBoy woke me up and said, “Guess what, Mom! I made you a cereal box viewer!”

And I got to my desk, and there it was, a stunning replica of the two he and Squish had made the day before.

I was very touched.

I could now view the little sunspot of the eclipse without frying my eyes and my fragile brain.

It was very considerate.

I grabbed the cereal box and took it with me as I dropped Squish off, so I could look at it in the park, when I was done walking the dogs.

But Squish assumed it was HER viewer, so she decided to keep it.

I told her she was mistaken, and she begged me to use the one she’d left at home and I said yes, because she’s Squish.

At the park, I poked a hole in a business card and looked at the shadow on my phone case. Because low tech is low tech.  While I was there three women gathered on the soccer field and passed their own viewer around like a joint at a beer bach, and a guy driving a taxi cab parked in the upper parking lot so he could check it out on his phone.

Still, the eclipse didn’t peak until I got home, with my coffee.  I tried to use the viewer, but it was really sort of anticlimactic.

So I came inside to sit and drink my coffee and watch it on the computer like a civilized person.

And I looked outside and made a remarkable discovery.  The hole in the patio table where the umbrella was supposed to go made a very fine eclipse viewer, and I didn’t have to move much but a hose.

So I watched the eclipse on my computer and out the door.

And drank my coffee.

And read this hilarious meme that made me glad the eclipse only lasted for a few short hours.

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