A Brief Theory on Criticism and Entertainment

Yes–I’ve written about subtext, about word choice, about how literature and media reflect society as a whole and how we should pay attention to nuances and make sure we’re building the imaginary world of our dreams.

But sometimes, when the subtext is done seamlessly, it’s just nice to watch shit-go-boom, and the man/men of your dreams kick a little ass, crack a little wise, and eventually save the day.

That being said, I saw Star Trek: Into the Beyond tonight, and I loved it. I’m sure people will bitch and whine about parts of it–but I don’t actually care. I totally identified with Kirk, I love that they’ve matured the character but he’s still a smartass, and I love that McCoy and Spock got some screen time. There’s lots of nods to the old school, lots of advances into the new world building, and poignant tributes to people lost.

Sometimes, it’s okay not to criticize, analyze, and theorize.

Sometimes it’s okay to sit back, watch shit go boom, and cheer for the good guy.

I had fun. Achievement unlocked.


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