A Few Observations

*  Black cats shouldn’t sit on black cushions with their eyes closed.

*  If you have no heat and you have no hot water, it’s perfectly acceptable to peace out of your morning shower.

*  Space heaters are kind little creatures and we should treat them well and give them thanks.

*  If it’s raining outside and you have no heat and no hot water, it’s probably better karma NOT to walk the dogs because they have no way to warm up.

*  If you have shopped recently and can make something warm and salty and filling while everyone huddles around the television like cavemen around the campfire, the no heat and no hot water becomes inconsequential.

* Blankets also help.

* If you REALLY missed your morning shower, finding out you DO have hot water just in time to do the dishes is sort of a bummer.

*  You shouldn’t try to block an emergency hat if it’s cold and rainy outside and cold  inside, because your hat will never dry, and the emergency will be over.

*  For the record, Witcher starts to make sense on episode four. It’s a whacked out convoluted weirdo sort of sense, but it’s there. Yes, it’s there.

* Making a second emergency hat (because the first one turned out monstrously over-sized) with your  daughter who is ALSO making emergency yarn wear can lead someone to believe they have either A. Really succeeded, or B. Really failed as a parent.

*  Every year I need to remember that there will come a moment when I absolutely cannot work because there is crafting, cooking, and panicking to be done.

*  My time is now.

If I don’t get online much in the next couple of days, may your holidays be lovely, peaceful, and bright, and may you find the sort of happiness with your families that I have found with mine.

And may your cats not blend into your living room chair, AND your office chair, so that you don’t ave to freak out every time you sit down to make sure they’re not gonna be squished.

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