A Few Old Things Made New

Bound: Volume 1

Bound: Volume 1

by Amy Lane

Humans have the option of separation, divorce, and heartbreak. For Corinne Carol-Anne Kirkpatrick, sorceress and queen of the vampires, the choices are limited to love or death. Now that she is back at Green’s Hill and assuming her duties as leader, her life is, at best, complicated. Bracken and Nicky are competing for her affections, Green is away taking care of his people, and a new supernatural enemy is threatening the sanctity of all she has come to love. Throw in a family reunion gone bad, a supernatural psychiatrist, and a killer physics class, and Cory’s life isn’t just complex, it’s psychotic. 

Cory needs to get her act and her identity together, and soon, because the enemy she and her lovers are facing is a nightmare that doesn’t just kill people, it unmakes them. If she doesn’t figure out who she is and what her place is on Green’s Hill, it’s not just her life on the line. She knows from hard experience that the only thing worse than facing death is facing the death of someone she loves. 

Loving people is easy—living with them is what takes the real work, and it’s even harder if you’re bound.

*  *  *

 So, the third book of The Little Goddess series is being re-released– Bound: Volume 1.  I love these covers– and of course, seeing the books come out again, and seeing new people learn to love Green’s Hill again, is making me very very happy.

I don’t have much to say about this one– I loved it. I think, if you’ve been reading the Little Goddess books from the first one, you’ll see my storytelling skills take a big jump from Wounded to Bound. When I was re-editing the books, besides the world building glitches (some of which I simply could not fix, not without losing my compete sanity) I noticed that there were tiny details that got tied into the ending that surprised me. People have been telling me that I do this for years–but this was one of the first places where I did it and went, “Oooh… I think that’ll be good.”

And it was!

Anyway– besides that, I do have one little anecdote, and it’s something I share in the new volume, but that I sort of love a lot, because it’s true.

I wrote Bound before I started the blog, which meant I wrote before I had Squish. Now I started the first incarnation of this blog about two months after she was born–but by then I was occupied with her growing and this particular story was not told:

I was in labor with Squish for three days– I started on March 31st, 8 p.m, and she was born on April 3rd, 6 a.m. (April Fools! You’re not having a baby today!)  My labor went in and out and in and out and in and out, and finally, at two in the morning, April 3rd, we’d already sent the other kids to my parents house, and Mate was sleeping as only the non-pregnant, non-in-labor, totally oblivious men can sleep at any given time ever.  (Three days. I was not a nice–nor a sane–person.)

Anyway, at two in the morning I got up, wandered fitfully into the dining room, and started writing. I wrote the sequence in the story where Bracken and Cory get into a fight and make up in the garden. (It’s a funny sequence– her clothes are frickin’ EVERYWHERE!)  I got to that part about the clothes, and had a contraction that felt like it cracked the foundation of the house.

Well fuck.

It was three a.m.. I wrote two insane e-mails to co-workers who later gave me copious amounts of shit about this, btw. It’s not like they were Mary, or Julianne or Elizabeth or any of the half-dozen people that I would now call at two a.m. and whine, “I’m in fucking labor why won’t this kid pop out!” Anyway– as I pressed send on the second e-mail, I had another, “The world will split in two from the force of your uterus” contraction.

I stood up, walked to the bedroom, and took my last shower for what would be the next couple of days. Mate said, “What? What are you doing?”

I said, “Getting ready for the hospital.”

“Why– are the contractions coming again?”

“Who cares– I have had enough of this shit.”

An hour later, after a doctor stuck his hand up my weehoo and found I was 9 1/2 centimeters dilated, he asked “So, what made you decide to come in?”

“I have had enough of this shit.”

Squish was born at six a.m., give or take a minute or two, and she was ten pounds.  And that chapter of Bound would live in my memory forevermore as proof that you don’t have to be sane or even coherent to write.

*  *  *

Also– I’ve had a lot of books released on Audio– too many to mention, although I tend to flail them on social media a lot!  Anyway– if audio books are your thing, if you check out the links below, you can hit my name link and see what’s out.

Candy Man

Bitter Taffy

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  1. Donna Lee says:

    And I'll bet Squish loves hearing that story. My loving husband cheated at cards while I was in deep labor. Nothing like taking advantage of my attention being directed in another direction!

  2. Teresa says:

    I am currently on an Amy Lane audio re-listen kick. Granby done, 6 hours left on Beneath the Stain. I hate crying on my walks, at work no less, but the letter writing scene about had me blubbering.

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