A few quick moments…

This first picture is the Florida skyway– it is notable because it’s the bridge Tory fell from in Black John.   BTW– Tory is an asshole.

The second picture is of poisonous snakes in Florida. What’s notable about this is that it’s at a restroom in Florida– so yanno.. Watch out for poisonous snakes!

The third picture is of six out of seven pairs of fingerless mittens I’ve made to give away for Coastal Magic. (One of them is with a gift basket, as well as a hat, in another gift basket.)  It’s notable because, uh, DAMN. And also because they’re pretty. And also because I’m so done with this project– sometime next week if you all prompt me I’ll post the pattern. (They’re easy.)

And now I’m at Coastal Magic– and I love it. The mixer was a joy, and  Cinema Craptastique was a riot– but now, it’s off to bed 🙂

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