A few random moments…

So, partly we’re doing the same-ol, same-ol here–Mom the taxi service and Mom the writer both vie for the same time slot.

But still– the same-ol has it’s appeal, and since Mate and I are driving up to Oregon this weekend to attend my cousin’s wedding, the same-ol’ same-ol’ is sort of a welcome respite from GO-GO-GO, which, yes, we’re going to indulge in once again. (btw, just writing that reminded me that ZoomBoy has a concert on Thursday. NEVER. ENDS.)

But following are a few things of interest during the day–

* I know I mentioned this in context with the benefit, but a portion of the proceeds of this book will be sent to the Keith Milano foundation for Mental Health Awareness.  For those of you who’ve read this book, you’ll know why I’ve chosen it. For those of you who haven’t… well, there’s a reason. (And the book is still pretty happy, really, so that’s good too!)

*  I’m working on Bobby Green right now, and as with all the Johnnies books, it’s ripping my soul out.  You’re welcome.

*  When I go walking in the park, there’s an older woman there–in her eighties, I imagine, and she has a small black dog named Nibbler. Fans of Futurama will read that and, hopefully, laugh their asses off.

*  The kids had a dentist appointment today and I somehow managed to EPICALLY FAIL picking them up for that. I still don’t get it–I left an hour early, but something about the kids hearing they had a dentist appointment made everything move SLOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW….

*  Mate stopped on the way home from work to get a hair cut and go grocery shopping. I know he was ESPECIALLY hangry when he got home because we had a leftover Quarter Pounder with cheese after an emergency lunch stop for Mom after the dentist appointment, and he polished it right off. If you’ve never eaten a cold Quarter Pounder… uh, never do. Answering “no” to that question speaks well of your life choices.

* We brought home nuggets for Chicken, and she took great delight in sitting with the cat in her lap and feeding him pieces of nugget. This is Gordie, the cat who used to swipe lunchmeat from the sandwiches I made to send the kids to school with. That cat hates my guts, but GLORY will he eat anything we set in front of him.

*  This is nice– I tweeted something about how I knew people were stressed about politics because most of my feed was cute animals… and suddenly people were sending me adorable animals on my FB feed! (My Twitter bleeds into my FB automatically… handy that.)  So I took a picture of Johnnie, just because he was the only animal in my house who would sit still while I focused the camera.

*  I went down for a nap this afternoon and woke up because Newt-Dewey (also known as Sweetie Baby Honeyface) was staring at me from close range. As in MUAH! close range. Fucking cat. I prefer him when he’s patting the dog’s heads as they poke up under the blankets.

And that’s the end! *yawn* Only a few more words to go!

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  1. Thank you for ripping your soul out for me. Hugs. So looking forward to new Johnnies.

  2. K. Tuttle says:

    Oh! I keep meaning to mention this whenever you mention your Mate getting hangry: have you thought about hiding granola bars or bags of nuts in his glove box? Then as he leaves for home or whatever, just text him about where the goodies are!

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