A Few Random Things

First of all, here are the blog tour updates–forgive me if I’ve missed any:

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Alpha BooksWhy We Like Bad Boys
Long and Short of It Reviews— A Cat and a Fish
 Gay Book Reviews— I Loved That Cat (Up Saturday, July 30th.)

*whew* Now that THAT’S done, thank you to EVERYBODY, both past and future, for hosting me!

Now, onto the random!

*  Squish spent the night at Berry Jello’s house, and Jello braided her hair. I mean, twin horsetail braids, that probably took her forEVER. Squish loved it, but guys–it takes SO LONG. *shakes head*  I’m going to be spending a VERY long time braiding hair this year.

*  While Squish was gone, ZB and I went to the pool to swim and then out with my friend Trina for a second viewing of Tarzan, for Alskar reasons.  Two things about this:

A. Trina is the BEST GROWNUP EVER to take to movies.  She’s not afraid to laugh or to jump or be startled or afraid–I LOVE that in a movie friend. The people who roll their eyes because they’re too cool for the movie make me a little sad–but Trina made me excited to see the movie TWICE. 

B.  At one point in the movie, she turned to me and said, “Amy, this had better end well.”  I promised her it would, but I was remembering Vulnerable, Immortal, and The Bells of Times Square the whole time–and yanno? I felt a little bad.

*  I was sitting at my computer, all excited about working this morning when I got swamped over with a wave of exhaustion. Just… SMACKED, like a freight train. It was SO WIERD. But the nap I took afterward–that was pretty awesome. Just saying. Maybe I’ve been a little keyed up about this whole release thing, because damn, that was a good nap.

*  Mate and I went to see the fourth Bourne movie, and I loved it. LOVED it. But the funny thing is (and nobody smack me for this) we were both talking about the Jeremy Renner Bourne movie and you know something?  We both loved it best.  We decided that the  Jeremy Renner character was designed to be a little less deadly and a little more human, and the Rachel Wiezs character was his perfect foil, because they both DID really horrible things at the behest of their government, but they were both pawns.  The minute they started thinking outside the box was the minute they became better human beings. 

Anyway– the fourth one was great and I thoroughly enjoyed the series–but the Jeremy Renner one held sort of a sweet place in my heart. Saying.

*  And that’s about it–so far, most of my fans have enjoyed Fish–and I’m so very grateful.  For the folks who feel like I’m being a little hard on the police? Well, I have the feeling Jackson and Ellery are going to have to build some bridges in the next one.  (My friend Karen says I have to–at this point, if I get stopped for a speeding ticket in my hometown, I’m TOAST.) 

Oh–you heard the words “next one”?

Didn’t I mention that?

That there’s going to be a series?

Yeah. Sort of like potato chips and Bourne, I can’t stop with just one.  

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