A Few Snapshots…

*So I was getting ready to write this blog last night, Thursday, when my computer froze and I absolutely needed to go to bed.  Friday and Saturday are usually my nights OFF blogging, but I had to finish this up.  Just so you know why no blog last night but blog tonight.

Okay– first of all, it’s been the most frustrating two weeks–I can’t even tell you. It’s like if 2016 wanted to cement it’s identity as a thorough shit-fuck of a year, it’s doing a good job.

But a couple of nice things happened today, and I’ll share those with you before I embark on my weekend–

First of all, I went to PetSmart today, and Melissa came to visit.

I actually mentioned Melissa–and Cedar and Dr. Saunders (a.ka.a. Doc Marty) in Freckles. They are the wonderful crew that has helped me pretty much for the last eight or so years.  They helped us put down our animals and help us welcome new animals into our home.

Today, Melissa stopped and hugged me and said thank you.  She’d read Freckles (I’d given the office a copy) and loved it, loved seeing herself and Cedar and Dr. Saunders (I changed it to Doc Marty because we already had Sandy) all on the page, but she also loved the love story, and the dog.

It was lovely to see her–as always, and I asked her if she wanted to pose for Twitter.

She was delighted–and that picture is one of my favorites of anybody anywhere, because that smile is just pure goodness.  Bless all people who work with animals for their patience and true joy in their work.

The other thing that happened was Mate’s team banquet.  This year is probably ZoomBoy’s last playing soccer– and he’s sad about that, but we told him he could still go practice with the team. But U16 boys play so rough–and that’s where the team will be next year. Unfortunately, Zoomboy will be starting the year playing at 13 and turn 14 as the season ends. He’ll be too small–and just not as focused as the rest of the kids. In short, we are taking him out of soccer and encouraging him to do things he will really enjoy so that he might not get beat the fuck up.

It’s a painful decision–but we watched him play games and chatter with his teammates last night, and I think it’s the best one. Soccer was a good part of his childhood. We’d really like it to stay that way.

Anyway–Mate is going to keep coaching because this group of kids is his favorite.

He’ll also coach Squish’s team, because she’s begging him to.

So he’ll still be in soccer. And ZB will get to see his teammates.

But last night was still a little sad.

Today was a flurry of doctor’s appointments and working out and picking up kids and napping. Tonight’s my first time with the CPAP machine. Wish me luck–I”m sort of falling asleep as I type–hopefully that will help me get past the strangeness of having the thing on my nose.


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