A Knitter in His Natural Habitat

The Winter Courtship Rituals of
 Fur-Bearing Critters.

 Okay, back last December, I released a cute little novella about an alpaca rancher named Rance Crawford, and his sudden infatuation with his new neighbor, Ben.  I was rather proud of that sweet little story, and everyone was taken by not only Rance and Ben, but by the secondary characters as well.  And if I was a little surprised to get requests for the the story of Jeremy– the ex-convict ex-conman– and Aiden, his younger associate at the mill, I was stunned to get request for the story of Stanley.  Stanley was Craw’s flirty little fuck-buddy in Boulder, the one who was always greased up and ready to go.  Stanley was a slutty little bottom to the marrow in his bones, with hair plugs, big blue eyes and an unexpected sweet spot (and not the one you’re thinking about!) for the big, gruff rancher.

How to Raise an Honest Rabbit

Well, I wrote Jeremy and Aiden’s story–and was stunned by how much I loved Jeremy.  My habit of rooting for underdogs prevails, and while some people are put off by Jeremy’s country ways and small time patter, some people get that, at the heart of this guy who was used to swindling twenties off of young college students was a really sweet, really innocent guy.  One who needed gentling, and who needed Aiden to get all strong and secure on him, to make him be honest, and make him face the past, just like someone holding a rabbit is all strong and secure, at the same time they’re being gentle.  Jeremy and Aiden did it for me– they just did.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about Stanley, who was much slicker, much more urban, much more secure and much less vulnerable than my Jeremy bunny.

Turns out, Stanley doesn’t really give a shit if I like him or not.  He just needs to flash his best ass (the one above the back of his thighs and below his lower back) at the right guy (the handsome delivery guy  that we met at the end of How to Raise an Honest Rabbit) and get his little old lady on and knit.  Stanley is happy, he is secure, and once he stops looking for love in all the wrong Jethro’s, he’s going to be just fine.

A Knitter in his Natural Habitat

Of course, Johnny, his Prince Charming, has deep dark secrets, and all of the people he’s only sort of known at Craw’s ranch and alpaca farm are about to become much closer friends, and Jeremy a guy Stanley always thought had it all together is about to seem a lot more vulnerable for a lot of reasons, but Stanley?  Stanley can handle pretty much whatever life throws his way, as long as he’s got his knitting by his side.

Hell, Stanley can even handle love.

Anyway, A Knitter in His Natural Habitat is out tomorrow.  Please don’t read it as a stand-alone– you’ll be really confused.  But if you’ve been along for this sweet little knitting ride from the get go, I think you’ll enjoy the hell out of it.  By the way?  For those of you wondering about the knitting project at the end?  Well, A. The only thing dirty about it is the color name.  And B.  The prototype that you see being knit in the directions has already been claimed.  Oh yeah.  Mary Calmes jumped on that with all the ferocity of a knitter at a luxury fiber sale.  Seriously.  If I hadn’t been able to hold the knitting as my hostage, I would have been very afraid!

Seriously, folks– I hope you enjoy the story.  And I REALLY hope you enjoy the covers by Catt Ford, because so far, people can’t get enough of them!

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  1. Liam Grey says:

    I really liked both the previous stories, Amy, and am looking forward to this one to round out the trifecta.

    Though reading it will probably have to wait until the weekend because, well, school.

  2. Debra G says:

    I can't wait to read Stanley's story.
    I loved the first two and the covers are just charming!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I'm excited for the book! I need to blame you for my year-long obsession with spinning and fibre art. I don't expect it to be getting any better….

  4. Donna Lee says:

    Your imagination knows no bounds. You should absolutely donate your brain to science when you die…..

  5. Anonymous says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

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