A Last Wave at Santa

Hey, all–

Yes, we’re all a little grumpy and the work madness starts tomorrow. Chicken and her father leave tomorrow, and Mate is flying back up on the 29th. It’s sad to watch the holidays close, but it’s been a lovely, peaceful time, and I’m grateful.

Anyway– I thought I’d share this pic– it’s probably the last time Zoomboy and Squish sit on Santa’s lap. As we were standing in line this year, Squish was looking around, saying, “Oh my God–I’m probably the tallest kid here!”  And while Zoomboy has been desperately clinging to the idea of Santa Claus, Squish has been asking me repeatedly if she has to keep up the facade.

Of course she does. Until they bring their own children into the house, there will always be Santa.

It’s the rule.

So I’m going to cherish this last pic, even though poor little Santa is awfully small next to my gigantic children. They’re still my babies. And they still make the good list, every year.

Also– if you want to keep the Christmas happy going, don’t forget– Winter Ball came out on Christmas Day! 

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