A Little Bit of Fantasy

So, my friend Berry Jello and I went to a very very tiny comic-con up in Eldorado Hills today, and we had very much fun!

Her son dressed– a LOT–and my kids dressed — a little. Her daughter is Faith from Buffy, and her son is Beetlejuice and my kids are just sunshine and light and Steven Universe and Full Metal Alchemist. 
It was basically fun, and I got a few pictures and wheeee!!!  (The guy standing between Squish and ZoomBoy has been Darth Vader in a number of video games, and he’s also an animator and voice actor and all around animation geek, so we loved him 🙂
I wore a Deadpool Knits T-shirt, and it’s one of my prized possessions. Don’t tell me it’s dorky, I won’t believe you!
Mate was at a coaching class, and we beat him home (it was a very small con) and when he got home, we got to go out to see Equalizer 2, which I am happy to say, was well worth the money.
And then? To finish off a perfect day?
Well, we came home and watched two episodes of Anne With an ‘E’. 

For those of you who haven’t seen this series… well, it’s lovely. 
When I first told Mate I was watching it, I was almost defensive. I was like, “Okay, so you don’t know what to watch next, and I saw the first episode here, and it was really good and I’m sorry but I’m going to go old lady romance writer here and watch this sweet little show about the orphan with the scrumptious vocabulary.”
Mate has been entranced ever since.
I mean… entranced.
Hardcore sci-fi with lots of boobs (and some peen) floating around? Not doing it for him. 
But this sweet family drama about the plucky twelve year old who finally gets a home? 
He is SO there. 
And given it was what we were watching on our series hangover after Mrs. Maisle? I’m pretty sure we’re on a roll. 
So, fantasy. I’d say we haz it.
And I’m so very grateful that we do.

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