A Little Book News Before I Sleep!

So, Coastal Magic was a GREAT convention–I had the best time with the best people. I’m sure I’ll have more stories tomorrow–but right now I’ve been up for almost 24 hours (give or take a nap in a plane that didn’t leave the ground for two hours!) and I got business to take care of!

Anyway– first things first.

If you didn’t buy Familiar Demon because you missed Familiar Angel, well, Familiar Angel is ON SALE FOR $.99!!!

So it’s a good time to take a gander at this series if you’ve put it off!


For those of you who have heard about Freckles, but haven’t read it yet, and were sort of depressed because it was unavailable for a little while, well, it’s OUT AGAIN ON MARCH 8TH!

And finally, for those of you who missed the cover reveal for String Boys-

Well, here you go.

It’s out on May 28th and so pretty I want to cry.

So, I’ll be sending out a newsletter (finally!) and I’ll get to con news and my greeting home sometime this week.

But in the meantime, thanks for being patient–the convention was great and I had a wonderful time, but boy, after leaving here sick, I was just really exhausted the entire time. Blogging was not on my agenda.

And right now?

Sleep. Sleep is definitely my priority.

I promise, more stories tomorrow!


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