A Little Homesick…

So ZB is in Paris, and this evening I got this call:

“Hi mom.  I’m a little homesick.”

“Well, we miss you honey, but I hope you’re having fun.”

“I’m using my roommate’s phone.  Can I talk to Squish?”

I handed the phone to Squish, and what was going to be a long convo started.  I got the phone back QUICKLY.

“Uhm, ZB, hon– we love you. We miss you. We hope you have fun. And this phone call is costing your roommate’s parents a LOT of money.”


He’s a good egg, ZB. And we miss him terribly.

* * *

Spent the day sleeping and chilling. Literally– it reached A Bajillion degrees here today, so getting to the grocery store before it got so hot the ice cream would melt before I got it out to the car was the most pressing thing on my agenda today.

* * *

By the way, @midnight’s hashtag wars was #addgoatruinagoat which I think is a game we will be playing for a very long time.  My favorite of the family offerings was the following from Chicken: “Goats and cows, living together, mass hysteria…”  From Goatbusters.

* * *

And I’m off to edit Bound and working Lollipop, which is the sequel to Bitter Taffy.  

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