A Little Quiet


First of all, thanks for all the warm wishes, both here and around the net. You guys are all really kind to me, even the people who don’t always agree with what I say. I’m grateful.

Second, good news is, we only got Gibby the Chihuahua today, and she’s not staying long. Not that I mind–I need to get a picture but she’s really frickin’ adorable. Not as cute as Geoffie, but still.  Anyway, apparently Stevi really only needed us to take her while her sister was in town, which is fine. Gibby is her mom’s companion dog, and I think they should be together as long as possible, right?

I may get to Pierce and Hal tomorrow, and I whittled away at my inbox and still managed some fiction writing. Another day with a good nap and some shopping to take care of Easter AND Squish’s birthday and I may feel a little less like my head is on fire.

Which is good, because all sorts of amazing people (Indie-Fab nominee Kim Fielding, RITA nominee E.J. Russell!) hit me up for Kermit flail this month and I’m so excited about putting that up Sunday night!

Also, I think… I think I may opt out of my larger family  doing this  Sunday. I have potatoes and a ham and salad for everybody–I’m pretty sure the kids might just want to stay home. I’ll ask them tomorrow, but I think the family needs some peace as much as I do.

And now, back to my guys. Peace!

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