A Little Snark from Alpha

In honor of Marie Sexton’s Saturday Snark, I’m going to do a little bit of snark from A Solid Core of Alpha.  Now, Alpha does not have a whole lot of light moments–but this one is is a doozy.  C.J. and his sister Cassie have had a rough day of watching Anderson’s life unspool via holographic recordings, and now Cassie’s husband has come to collect his wayward wife. 

“Bad day?” Marshall asked as he came into C.J.’s quarters.  He didn’t sound particularly surprised, but he did raise his eyebrows when Cassie started to sniffle. 

“Remember the ice-piss lizards?” she asked, sounding forlorn.

“Yeah, sweetheart.  How could I forget the ice-piss lizards?”  He took both her hands in his and pulled her up and into his long arms.

“I miss the ice-piss lizards,” Cassie bemoaned, her voice muffled in her husband’s chest.  “I really fucking miss the ice-piss lizards.  Could we have another shipment of ice-piss lizards, just for me?”

Marshall rubbed her arms and looked over her head to meet C.J.’s gaze helplessly.

“Really bad day,” he said softly, and C.J. nodded.

0 thoughts on “A Little Snark from Alpha”

  1. DecRainK says:

    that is a good snark, but it makes me sad for Anderson and C.J. again

    the description of the ice-piss lizards though is just hilarious ans this brought me right back to it

  2. roxie says:

    Looking forward to THIS book! Unless, of course,it involves lots of despair and suffering. But ice-piss lizards? Hell yeah!

  3. Marie Sexton says:

    Hello Amy! So sad I missed you all at Yaoi. Hope it was fun. Thanks so much for jumping into the snark again!

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