A REAL day off…

Seriously– it was so weird. Only one errand to run, which I did while T was in karate, and most of the rest of the day was spent… writing. Knitting. Watching re-run television. *shudder* Oh bliss. I think the down time was good for everybody, too, because the short people were oddly relaxed today, and because my writing dragon (which has been asleep or cowed) suddenly woke up and roared, and I was proud of what we put out. Jack & Teague are coming along nicely, and although there has been a depressing lack of sex, there is a nice bit of story wrap up from the other five plus Rampant, and I am very happy.

Of course, the weird thing about putting out a book or a novella or a short story is the ABSOLUTE DRIVING NEED to have someone give you feedback on it. I spend an embarrassing amount of time flashing to goodreads.com to see if anyone has read it and starred it or read it and hated it (so far, so good) or even, hell, just thought about reading it, you know? And of course I’m REALLY NERVOUS because Litha’s Constant Whim is going to be the one advertised on Smartbitches/trashybooks, and, well, you know. It just better not suck, cannyagimmehallelujia-amen!

And tomorrow is… well, tomorrow is day one of THE BIG RECITAL. I’m pretty excited, actually– I haven’t seen hardly any of the numbers (with costumes etc.) and the kids and Mate are SO excited! Mate gave an impromptu practice tonight, all dressed up in his nerd-herd clothes (the fitting costume of choice for him and his girls) and he loved it. Chicken loved it. Squish may not think it’s anything special now, but I plan to buy a dvd and have that section immortalized for her wedding, and then she’ll REALLY love it. *happy-sappy weepy moment* It’ll be awesome!

And then there’s day two of THE BIG RECITAL and that one will suck a little ’cause Squish will be right next to me and she won’t be so happy about sitting still, and then, the day after? Sunday, the day of rest? Yeah, that’s my grandfather’s memorial service (finally) and, well… it’s weird. Isn’t it weird how you look forward to seeing your family? It could be the gravest of times, but you still want to see them. Weird.

I still need to write something about my grandpa. Not tonight, of course–possibly on Sunday itself. Grandpa was just so much bigger than life. I don’t think I can say goodbye properly without putting my writing into play–it’s going to be necessary, I can feel it. I was a little shocked this father’s day when I was picking out cards for Mate and my dad, and I remembered that I wouldn’t be seeing grandpa, and it hit me–I’ve lost grandparents before (and so has Mate) but… well, we’ll wait until the write up. You’ll see.

So, big things–and I can’t focus on any of them right now because Big T just stepped on a slug who came out to play in the kitchen, and I’m trying not to wet myself. He may be a 6’4″ blackbelt, but watching him get an attack of the oogies is high entertainment.

*chortle* Okay. Back to business.

I’m going to be a basket case until the end of the month and I can chill out before the next couple of works are released–and that’s just business. But it’s okay business, I guess–because I’ve finally gotten to have a day like this one. And now I can go to sleep, and not get up at four in the morning, and that’s nice too.

Nai nai!

0 thoughts on “A REAL day off…”

  1. No relaxing over summer vacation, that's crazy talk.

    The video will be very sweet.

  2. Unknown says:

    Hi Amy,
    I love Litha's Constant Whim and had to keep hoping against hope for it all to be ok, 'cause I know that you're willing for events to unfold as they must. I'm going out of town but will try to get a review up on Goodreads.


  3. roxie says:

    Don't suppose there's a way to upload the video? I adore dance recitals!

    Sounds like a divine day! Halleluiah!

    Whatcha knitting?

  4. Chris says:

    Enjoy the recitals!

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