A Romance Reader’s Approach to Genre Fiction

This is entirely tongue in cheek. It will probably offend someone (although that is not the intention.) It simply goes back to what I was saying a couple of days ago about the fact that there is romance in pretty much every sub genre, whether we want to admit it or not. And how I know that as a romance reader and writer, I know what I’m reading for when I read 😉

Romance: When did they meet and when will they kiss?

Romantic Suspense: Are they kissing the right person and when will they kiss the right person and is the wrong person gonna hurt them?

Political Thriller: Who was kissing the wrong person when they were supposed to be running the world?

Fantasy: Did they put down their swords and their magic lightning bolts to kiss?  (Also, see Political Thriller.)

Sci-Fi: How do aliens kiss in space? (Also, see Political Thriller.)

Historical Fiction: Which king was kissing the wrong mistress when it all went horribly wrong? (Also, see Political Thriller.)

Literary Fiction: How did the kissing go all the fuck wrong? (Do NOT see Political Thriller.)

Westerns: Did they at least wash after they got off the horse and before they kissed?

Religious: Who does God say you should kiss now?

Urban Fantasy: Will somebody spout magic fire, fur, or fangs while the kissing occurs?

Crime Fiction: Will the good guys kiss before the bad guys kill them?

Porn: Are they going to kiss while they’re fucking or are we going to be left hanging?

Young Adult: How much angsting, introspection, potential drug use, incurable disease, and parental reconciliation will occur before they kiss?

True Crime: The world would have been better off if these assholes had just kissed someone! (Consensually, of course! And with therapy thrown in there too, for good measure. And with way less guns.)

Yaoi/Manga: How many nosebleeds can we get before we kiss?

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