A story in pictures…

 So, on Friday, we all dressed pretty and went to the salon to get our nails done, so mom has cute toes for RWA.

On Friday night Mom spent from  12-4 a.m. in the hospital with her oldest, while he recovered from an asthma attack, so Mate took the younger kids to soccer camp the next day, and then we went out to eat with their grandma.  When we got home we started looking for Zoomboy’s dance shoes, because the entire family thought they had seen them in the last week.

We had not. We are officially the worst parents EVER.


This morning, after a bright and early start…

We got the kids to the fair at 10:20. 

 Where we saw chickens.

We also saw cavies. Lots and lots of cavies. In fact, we saw a convocation of cavies, conjugating in cages.

We even saw cavies getting their hair done for their show. 

Although I didn’t get a picture of the handler doing her cavies hair, I do treasure Mate going, “Is that thing bound to the little pedestal,” and me saying, “No, he just sits there. It’s his thing.”  It’s amazing what you learn from internet videos–thanks everyone from my FB group for sharing that little tidbit, I felt very smug.

Yeah, fine. There were also bunnies, but this year, the cavies won. 
We also got to see dinosaurs. 

Or, as Squish said, “Dinosaur on dinosaur action.”  It was all very exciting. I should note that when we went BEHIND this dinosaur, Squish said, “I don’t see the pink spot the cats keep showing us when THEY walk away.”
I said, “That’s because on a cat, it’s the eye of a demon. On a dinosaur it would be like the Eye of Sauron–a terrible vortex of evil that entire people would disappear into, and the nice people at the fair wanted to spare us that.”
She was very grateful. 

Mate saw the dinosaur, laughed, and posed like he was running away. I said, “Go do it! I’ll take a picture!”
He laughed.
“No, seriously–I’ll take a picture. Of course, you know where I’m posting the picture.”
“Everywhere,” he said. Then he posed, because he’s made of BeefSquatch AND awesome!
After the dinosaurs, we saw the student art–so much good stuff, but these two things were my favorites:
And then, after that, it was time for the reason we came. And, yes, we sent our son backstage with NO SHOES and a VERY IRRITATED DANCE INSTRUCTOR because, as I have mentioned, we are terrible, terrible people, and by the time we realized the shoes were gone, we couldn’t find a place for fifty miles that sold them so we could pretend we had them all along.
But they did pretty good, don’t you think?

And then? Afterwards? 
We went and got barbecue, and thank God nobody got a picture of me eating ribs because I’d never live it down.
And then funnel cake.
And then? 
It was three o’lock, and the kids were like this:
That’s cooked and done.
Me too, for the record. 
And I’m out of here–blogging might be spotty next week. I leave for RWA LITERALLY in the asscrack of dawn. So, look for me on other social media, and I’ll try to remember pix!
Night all!

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