A trip to the dentist…

So, we have a new dentist and he’s pretty awesome and we love him a lot.

But, well, a trip to the dentist is a trip to the dentist.

This one was to get a crown replaced, which is almost worse than getting the original put in because they have to take the first one off and then drill whatever has rotted underneath it and then refit the temporary and then refit the permanent.

And… well…

I’m a big weenie about pain.

Redheads are supposed to have a high tolerance for it–and I do, mostly. I’m still waiting for the medal for giving birth to Chicken without painkillers. I suspect it got lost in the mail.

But my teeth have deep roots–and deep roots are hard to numb.

So Dr. Baldonado gave me three shots of something and started to drill and each time I could still feel that. (Poor dentists. They must really hate those three words. “I mm mmm mmllll ddttttt.”)

So he finished up with something REALLY extra special that my previous dentist had passed down to his son who had passed on to Dr. Baldanado, concerning my dental care.

It was the novocain version of a kamikaze, and it worked stunningly well.

In fact, it worked so well, that even I could feel the four holes in my gums that signaled I’d been well and truly medicated, I could still feel the cocktail creeping up… past my lips… up, to my nose. When your nose is novocained apparently it collapses on the inhale, and so do your sinuses. I had to work hard not to snore while I was awake. And still, it crept up. To my eyelids. My eyelids drooped and tingled.

And don’t even get me started on my lips.

Anyway, I texted this to my husband who said, “Do you want me to drive you home?”

“No! It’s just my face, not my brain!”

I greeted Squish after school, who looked at the drooping half of my face and said, “Should you even be driving?”

“It’s JUST MY FACE! Brain is fine!”

And then Chicken called while I was driving home and I had to explain to HER why I’d been gone that morning, and when I got to the eyelids tingling (they were itching by now!) she was like, “Should you even be driving?”


Which I guess is not particularly reassuring.

But it was true.

My temporary cap is doing swell. I can still feel the four holes in my gums.

And my brain is fine.

But as nice as my dentist was, I don’t look forward to getting the temporary removed and the permanent one set up.

Like I said–my face may have been a bit droopy but my brain is fine!

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  1. I hate going to the dentist, I had to go in on Tuesday so I listened to your audible book the Deep of the Sound. That really helped, Thank you

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