A Very Quiet Holiday

Okay– the kids have been complaining– raw throat, a little bit of dizziness, general meh.  Mate’s been complaining–lots of phlegm, and even more meh.

This morning, as I was climbing into the 80 degree pool in the 85 degree air, I was achy and my throat hurt a little and I generally felt…


Oh crap.  We had the crud.

Suddenly, my policy of not fighting them all as they slept made me seem like a much better mother than I had felt like.  (I’d felt like a crappy, lazy mother for not shoving them outside more using the flat of my foot.)  And suddenly, all of the exciting plans I’d had about spiffing up the house for company (even though we weren’t going to have any because our usual company had other plans) and having a barbecue and going to a movie seemed secondary to resting in, what for us, was a comparatively clean house.  (I cleaned the kitchen table last night–nobody swoon!)  So we did see a movie, but we got some take-out, and we’ll light fireworks tonight and probably have ice cream, but in general?

We’re going to have a very quiet holiday.

It doesn’t give me much to write about here–but hey–we’re getting on a plane in (oh crap… is that all?!!!) four days, and I want us to be rested and HAPPY, dammit!  I’m looking forward to this vacation!!  We’re spending two days on Oahu and the four on Kuai.  Oahu is going to be a blur– lots of touristy things, being appalled by the cost, running around, that sort of thing, but Kuai?

Is going to be sleeping and playing in the water and reading a book and playing in the water and…


Now don’t get me wrong– I’m all for the “Let’s visit this and enjoy the ever-pummelling snot!” school of vacation.   I like to get a good gander and lots of history and lots of “Oh, neat!” moments when I get my ass out of dodge.

But it seems like… I dunno, FORFRICKINEVER since the fam and I have ever just… kicked back, enjoyed the surf, and vegged.  It’s supposed to be good for the soul.  And you all KNOW how I feel about water.  It’s my HOME.  So we get to go swimming, and we swim well.  We laugh and joke, and paddle and play, and most of us stay in until our fingers are pruny.  I’m bringing books.  I’m bringing sunscreen.  I’m bringing a big floppy hat for Squish, and another one for T, both of whom have the complexion of a dead-fish’s underbelly, they’re so pale.

Goddess.  With any luck, I’m bringing peace.

So today, we’re not going balls-out Fourth of July mode.  It’s never really been our holiday anyway.  Today, we’re resting.  We’re indulging in some legal pyromania.  At the moment, Squish and Zoomboy are outside, sipping lemonade and listening to somebody’s pocket dog bark at our aging whatshound.  Mate is sleeping, I’m listening to The Italian Job, and all– repeat all– is right with our world.

We can ride the whirlwind tomorrow, and damned if we won’t enjoy it.  Today, we’re resting up.

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  1. roxie says:

    Rest as much as you can. Eat vitamins and oranges. Five hours sealed in a metal cylinder with 200 other people can exacerbate the slightest sniffle. And it sucks to be sick on vacation.

    I'm all for quiet vacations. I don't know if a vacation has been properly executed if you have to go back to work to recuperate. There is SO much to be said for a lazy day in July!!

    Aloha, baby!

  2. Hi Amy (OMG I'm talking to the real Amy Lane…fangirl moment eeek lol).

    I have just discovered your blog so this probably won't be relevant to this particular post but I couldn't think where else to put it so that you'd read it.

    I have just finished reading Rampant and wanted to cry when I got to the end. But then I found this blog and hope I can feel a bit closer to Green's family while reading this.
    I'm a Single Mum of 38 and have so so so empathized with you to the point I feel like you. I live in Jersey, off the coast of France and we are predominantly English spoken but have been to America so can 'feel' the places in the books. I haven't read the werewolf books yet but will get them on kindle as soon as I have some spare cash.

    I want to say so much to you but don't want to bore you with this post. Suffice to say that I have read so many books recently by many authors such as Meyer, Cast, Noel etc but your books are the best. I came across them by accident (I will admit this to you but I bought a disk of ebooks from ebay and your first book was on there) but ever since the first one I felt obligated to buy them through kindle to give back to such a great author.

    I don't like this little comment box as my html isn't amazing and I'm hoping this looks ok…so I won't witter on anymore and hope to hear back from you. PS: after 30 years I've taught myself to knit (very basic scarves still but one day it'll be socks for Jacky, and Jumpers for Green and Bracken xxx
    lots and lots of Love and Light, Carina (StarJadzia) xx<3xx

  3. Galad says:

    Why is it we feel the need to apologize for resting instead of entering in to frenetic activity?

    The vacation sounds heavenly.

    Enjoy and take us pictures 🙂

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