A wee bit busy…

Okay– so social media a little thin on the ground in recent days.

Let me give you a rundown.

We left for San Diego yesterday around eleven o’clock.

Friday, I got the kids home and cleaned the house a little.

Saturday Squish had soccer and then we cleaned the house did laundry and Squish napped because she was sick and then we got dressed and went to my stepmom’s surprise 70th birthday party, which was themed in the 70’s so we all wore 70’s themed clothes.

It was a lot of fun–as the picture in the bus proves, and Big T’s picture with his girlfriend as well–but we got back at ten o’clock at night and THEN we had to pack.

We packed… and I use that term loosely because apparently I just threw stacks of folded clothes into a bag and hoped for the best.

Then we got up at 8, I took the dogs for a walk (babies! I hate leaving them home! Chicken is watching them and staying at the house but BABIES!) and then we packed the car and loaded it up and…


I… was not feeling great. The kids were… not feeling great. Squish in particular was hacking up a lung every two minutes.

But Mate got a time share in Solana Beach and we figured we weren’t going to do more than hang out by the pool and read and maybe work. I mean, Mate did taxes today–and turned them in, which I am very impressed by.

But by this afternoon ZoomBoy had spiked a fever and is feeling shitty even with medication.

And I’m thinking that tomorrow–when we’d planned to go to Balboa Park to see a museum–may have to be put off until the day after.

And when I get back, I’m gonna be eyeballs deep in prep for BookLovers.

Anyway– if it seems like I’m a little distant, it’s because I’m a little far from home.

but I will say this.

I’ve been listening to Audio Books in the past week, and as crappy as I felt on the way down here, Jim Butcher’s Grave Peril– which is fun for the whole family and only a wee bit PG-13– sure did help make that trip pass better.

I think I”m officially a fan.

I’ll try to have pictures tomorrow!

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