Aaaannnd… I got nothing.

Seriously–my horoscope actually told me, “You’ll be phoning it in today–don’t worry about it. You’re tired, get some rest, and all your shit will be back tomorrow.” Okay, the phrasing may be mine. I don’t think the internet Horoscope actually SAYS the word ‘shit’, but either way, they pretty much nailed it.

Work is good. The kids are starting to get squirrelly, but honestly? With a three day week so soon after the start of school, I’d be squirrelly too! Someone from a sane district asked me what my DO was thinking with that schedule, and I had to answer honestly, “They weren’t. They’re totally and completely retarded. They have been for fifteen years.” I’m sure I’ve offended someone with that answer, but we’ve been doing this for years and I’ve yet to figure out why. This same person also said, “Why don’t you have it in October, where there’s acres of calendar without a fucking break.” (Okay, I think the phrasing was mine. ‘Acres’ is certainly an unusual word choice. Either way, it’s a damned good question.)

Roxie is done with Bitter Moon II–and I’m doing the happy anxiety dance. She says it doesn’t suck, but that there ARE too many weepy men, and I know exactly the scenes I’m going to edit to make that no such a problem, but I’m still worried. I seem to have lost complete objectivity for this one and I can’t explain why except to say this is really the culmination of a two year project, the first year of which produced the first volume. Again, considering only 100 copies of book # 1 have sold, it’s really a labor of love, but I really do think it could be one of the best things I’ve ever written.

Speaking of which–Jack & Teague is doing REALLY well–I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on it both on my amylane email and on and I’m terribly excited. Most folks seem to feel that it’s either a great howdy-do to the characters they loved on Green’s Hill or it’s a great teaser to make them buy Vulnerable. I am pleased–I really loved the guys, and now others do too!

Oh yeah–I got my books! Now we’re ass deep in books that I can only hope I sell. *sigh* It’s always something!

The short people are EXHAUSTED. The babysitter told me that Ladybug is just so sad without her older brother during the day, and that she gets a 15 minute nap before I get there after lunch. I feel so bad for her–and she is totally sucking my time. I don’t mind too much, but I can’t knit or write with her on my lap, and so not much is getting done. (Okay, I lied–I’m 40 pages into Rampant–yippee!!!) I have the feeling that when she gets used to Cave Troll not being there, she’ll be not quite so needy–at least I hope so!

Oh yes–and this was fun. Apparently, one of Chicken’s classmates is reading ‘Vulnerable’. I was really excited about this until Chicken (who has been asking to read the book for months) pointed out, “Yeah, mom. And she’s a FRESHMAN. Just like me. A FRESHMAN!.” So I made a deal with Chicken–if this peer tells her that the book had ‘too much sex’ or ‘too much swearing’, then she has to back off. If this peer tells her that ‘it was great, I just ignored the other stuff’ then Chicken can read Vulnerable.

Oi! Donna Lee (whom I adore!) was talking about how wonderful it is to have grown-up daughters. I’m looking forward to it–honestly. But getting her to that point may kill me after all!

And that’s about all… oh wait! I started a new scarf. Cave Troll wakes up every night to sit on my lap for ten minutes, so I started a scarf for him to ‘help’ with. He sits on my lap for five minutes and holds my hands. It’s very sweet–if I’m lucky, I can have it ready for his ‘All about me’ week:-)

And gymnastics and soccer tomorrow (Chicken’s first game.) Cave Troll played again tonight–he stayed in three quarters. They like to put him in, because it looks like he’s doing something, but the truth is, he’s like that Labrador Retriever in Dexter’s Lab–about all that’s going through his little boy brain is ‘get the ball…get the ball… LOVE THE BALL!!!’ And in between, five minutes of playing with his own shadow. The thing is, he’s the second tallest kid on the team. He’s also the youngest. He’s the only one who is still four, and not only is he still four, he’ll be four until November. He really is the baby on the team–but he can chase that ball for HOURS!!!!

Anyway, that’s all, folks:-)

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  1. TinkingBell says:

    Sian has her circus performance tomorrow in a real theatre – with a paying audience. I really think she still has no idea what to do – she looks cute, there’s an adult on stage to herd them round (think ‘sheepdog’) she’s just turned 6 and shes the smallest ‘Tiny Tumbler’ – she’ll have a great time, we’ll clap madly and she’ll glow for days – who cares! Let CT enjoy himself (wow – is that a bug……)

  2. Galad says:

    You need to make us a You Tube video of Cave Troll playing soccer so we can all enjoy it 🙂

  3. NeedleTart says:

    Wheeee!!! Does that mean that I should be watching my porch for a package? I just finished re-reading Bitter Moon 1. Any one who is checking the comments and hasn’t bought this run out and see Amazon. Well? What are you waiting for?

  4. roxie says:

    Bittermoon SOOO does not suck! I fell into it for hours at a time!! I rooted for the good guys and hated the bad guys and kept forgetting that it was a story. You write GOOOD!

  5. Haylo says:

    I’m on Chicken’s side about the book! Ok maybe that’s because I started reading some pretty graphic romance stuff at the ripe old age of 10.

    My mother was at her wits end with trying to find things to occupy me, I was one of those adult kids, who would rather do things other than play. So one day she was throwing out a bunch of old romances (she had decided not to read them anymore, moved on to mysteries) I asked her could I have them and that was that. I think that I turned out pretty well in spite of it all :p

    Glad to hear that you’re getting great feedback on the short story. I’d definitely love to read more of them. Also 40 pages of Rampant and BM2 soon, I may expire from happiness.

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