Ah… home.

My phone is not doing me any favors atm–

But I DID issue proof on social media that not only am I home, I have also texted people and let them know.

I feel sufficiently arrived, right?


Fun things!

* I bought T–shirts for the entire family, and then, on the plane, I had a sudden freak out that everybody already HAD the T-shirt I bought, and THAT was why the ones I bought seemed so perfect for everybody.  Fortunately this was not the case–but it would be a great “Mom’s so dorky!” story!

* I also got the kid dragons in bottles to wear as necklaces. These were a great hit!

*  Today, Kansas City was GORGEOUS. It was literally pretty enough for me to drop any previous grudges for bad weather and allergies and admit I really like KC. Of course, then I had to leave it.

*  The trip a joy, actually. I shall never fly American again if I can help it–United has made my life too happy when I fly them.

*  I got Mate and I matching rings. Well, the one I got seven years ago– a surgical steel Claddagh ring–lasted this long. I figured matching copper rings would be just as legit as wedding rings, since we both got too fat for our old ones. (Me more than him.)

*  Geoffie is having some sort of allergic reaction. First thing tomorrow I’m taking her to the vets, because BABY!

*  I am ready to start the whole school/work thing again. In fact, I’m looking forward to it. I’m home, the kids are in school and everybody’s ready to begin a new year.

It’s a good thing!

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