Ah, silence…

Chicken is home, Chicken is home!

Hence the reason I’m posting at dark-thirty a.m.–for some reason she expected her return to be cause to spend all my time with her, catching up on tv instead of playing about on the bloody computer. Silly girl, but I indulged her for the day, got little done, either in the house, in the writing, or in the blogging, but I did get to talk to my beloved Chicken. I may ask her to do a guest blog this week–we shall see.

Hmm… and news?

*Movie day tomorrow–we’re taking the short people to the sitters and the tall people to the show, and, glory hallelujia, mama finally gets to see Batman and Hellboy 2–it may actually be summer!

* And if it is summer, it won’t be for long. I go in on Thursday to decorate my room and print out my stuff and make copies for the first day of school. I do this because we’ll be on vacation next week, which is the week before school, and I need to have that shit done, or I’ll be having ‘naked teacher’ and ‘I slept through school’ dreams for the entirety of next year.

* Potty training. After such an auspicious beginning, Ladybug has decided that potty training is really a matter for the gods of whimsy and not the gods of discipline. This wouldn’t be a problem if she wouldn’t take off the poopy diaper before bringing it to mama’s attention.

* The Cave Troll. Was getting out of the bath today when I noticed a HIDEOUS BRUISE on his upper arm. I was FREAKING OUT…OMG–who grabbed him, what did he run into, who did I have to kill? And then Mate stepped forward as the voice of reason. “Uhm, Cave Troll–did you suck on that part of your arm?” Ayup. Little shit gave himself the biggest fucking hickey of all times. We told him not to do that anymore, it freaks mommy the frack out.

* Big T. Did dishes. Really, that’s all I have to report–he’s a good kid, and he has great taste in music, television, and movies, and he’s a very good big brother, but he’s 15. He really is his own bizarre person right now–although he tends to spend a lot of time in his room, but for those of you who’ve seen ‘Young Frankenstein’? Yeah, well, enough said.

* Chicken. One of her best lines today upon coming home, (besides, “What did you do to my rat that she tried to bite you?” The response to this, “We weren’t you!” did not satisfy her in the least.) was, “Mom–remember that Cold Case episode? The one that sucked?” To which her father replied, “They all suck, dammit–why does mom even let you WATCH that show?” Okay–if you were here for the entry on Cold Case, that was frickin hilarious.

* Blogger. Blogger sucks. Sucks a lot, sucks big time, sucks tremendously. I’ll let you know when blogger stops sucking–it will be easy to spot. Blogger will officially stop sucking when it POSTS MY FUCKING PICTURES. Because right now? The short people will be in grad school before you get to see that fucking sweater.

* Lady in Red. Don’t cry, my friend–this year, we both resolve not to let the bastards get us down. (Not that she would cry, but since we both have to go back, I’m thinking she may want to.)

* Roxie. Sent me the most lushious, scrumptious yarn for responding to her *gasp* 600th post. I’d show it to you but, well. yeah. Fucking blogger. But lovely, generous, classy, amazing, wonderful Roxie. Bless her–people who send me yarn already have a special place in my heart, but people like Roxie just make the world a better place by being amazing and smart and wonderful–she knits for charity CONSTANTLY and if you visit her blog, you’ll see what good karma is all about…and I’m gushing, and NOT so she’ll send me more yarn. Love you, darling–thanks for brightening up my days:-)

* Knitting. Baby sweater for friend’s baby. Beaded Lace. Chicken’s acrylic sweater. And seven blessed pairs of frickin’ socks. Well, one pair is coming to a close–may they all be in a similar situation soon.

And blogger still sucks, so I’m signing off!

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  1. m1k1 says:

    Do you compress your pictures for web display before attempting to load? I usually reduce >600kb jpgs to about 60-100kb and have rarely had a problem (I won't say "never"). I use M/soft Office Picture Manager. I trust Chicken was suitably impressed that Sydney remained virtually rain free for her. Oh yeah. Might have been divinely required!!!!

  2. roxie says:

    Welcome home Chicken!!

    Blogger sucks!

    So glad you like the yarn. Shucks – you say purty things! Thanks ever so! You constantly knit for others as well. You know the recipients – I don’t. Only difference.

    Yay for Big T!

    Cave Troll – sucking the arm beats sucking on cigarettes, especially since you are too short to buy your own, but surely there is something else . . . How about a superball on a string around his neck? Hooray for Mate!

    Don’t spend money on Batman. Major downer. Enjoy the heck out of Hellboy2! Especially the Goblin Market.

  3. Donna Lee says:

    I take it, Chicken arrived safely and with lots of stories? I’m sure they’ll trickle out over the next few weeks. Seven pairs of socks at one time? How do you keep them straight? I don’t have that kind of concentration. One pair of socks and MAYBE one other project is the best I can do.

  4. Galad says:

    So glad to hear Chicken is home and a guest blog sounds like a plan. I want to hear all about the trip!

    I haven’t had nearly as much trouble as you have getting pictures in. The idea about compressing your pictures sounds good and would be worth a try.

    Just think – with a short burst of knitting fervor you could have seven FO’s all at once. Would that be some kind of record?

  5. Julie says:

    That Cold Case discussion sounds like EVERY discussion in my house. Hahahaha. “Remember that Diego that sucks?” “They all suck.” “Oh yeah. I hate that weasel fucker.”

    And a ‘glad I’m not alone’ on the Cave Troll’s bruise. My kid’s latest? You know how they sort of sit down hard instead of fall? Yeah. She’s doing it in piles of toys. Her butt looks like we’ve been beating her with rocks. Oy.

    Kids. Can’t live with ’em, can’t beat ’em with a rock.

  6. NeedleTart says:

    Welcome Home, Chicken. I would love to “hear” some of her adventures.
    Noooooo!!! Not the naked teacher dream. I had that one last week and I’m a sub!!

  7. Bells says:

    Please tell me Chicken didn’t get off the plane and greet you with ‘G’day Mate!’?

    ps chuckling at the arm sucking. Do kids still do that? Hilarious.

  8. TinkingBell says:

    Welcome back Chicken – you know what – it’s hell cold here too!

  9. Aww! Yay for Chicken’s healthy, happy and safe return!
    And sweet pea, I’m not going back. I’m not in the classroom this coming year, remember? Vic starts kinder and that means no work for me. I’ll be around though. 🙂

  10. Louiz says:

    Yes, lets have a chicken guest post!

    And the kids here have only just broken up for summer last week…

  11. Lyssa says:

    I liked Batman, even though it was a bit of a downer, it was worth it. Hellboy 2 is on my weekend to-do list.

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