All Free–but not all me!

Okay–I’ve mentioned this before, but I didn’t realize then that the e-book for Wishing on a Blue Star would be TOTALLY free! Again, if you just want to read my story, it’s right there on my website, but if you want a free e-book, with lots of great writers, and a really strong message about strength and joy, well, yanno… free?

And this was a surprise–this is an impromptu Christmas anthology calledStuff My Stocking. Now see, this was sort of a Christmas game on, in the m/m romance forum. The Moderatrix had people find pictures, and they put them out on the forum, with an invitation to the authors on the forum (you’ll see there are a number of us) to choose a picture and write a short bit of fiction to it. I wrote in the Green’s Hill world, and you’ll se an uncomfortably pregnant Cory there, but mostly, it’s all written to a picture of a handcuffed elf. Well, I had to set that little guy free, and then Green had to heal his wounds, and… well, we all know how Green heals.

Oh yeah–and don’t forget the VERY short Deacon/Crick interlude added the free stories on on my author page.

Anyway, yesterday’s blogpost is NOT translating to– I don’t know why that is, but this sort of thing sort of ticks me off. For one thing, I can’t figure out how to reboot that whole idea. For another, I saved that picture of Spongebob special!

And I will leave you with this–Chicken came home upset because she had to pick a song for the character George Wilson from the Great Gatsby. I gave her three choices–the River or Atlantic City, both by Bruce Springsteen, or this song:

She chose Mumford & Sons–but we need to find a clean version on iTunes, because she doesn’t think the teacher’s going to buy that she didn’t know ‘fook’ was Aussie for ‘fuck’. Either way, she makes me proud–and we both REALLY love that band now!

0 thoughts on “All Free–but not all me!”

  1. Donna Lee says:

    I love a good movie with an Irishman saying fook. We run around saying fook for days after. Something catchy about it.

  2. DecRainK says:

    yay free books!!!!!!!!! too bad we hafta wait til jan 25 for the dreamspinner one

    LOVE that song btw

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