All the Pretty Changes

I’ve made no secret about my children having a rough year. My pictures from last year at this time–Easter, Squish’s birthday–mark a year in captivity, as it were, imprisoned by pandemic fear, depressed by a scary world. And while some things have gotten better, some things are getting better, and–you’ve all probably noticed–I’ve chosen to let my children do the most painful parts of their growing up this year unobserved. 

They are old enough to have a say in their privacy.
ZoomBoy still likes being on the blog and on FB–he’s still enamored with making people laugh. Squish is much more private, and they have come out in various ways this year, and doing that without strangers observing is an unalienable right. 
But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to celebrate their birthday.
Because my child got up early (for a weekend!) to bake a cake with their father, and that was part of their birthday celebration and that says so many good things about their character. They appreciated all their gifts–including the dorky ones mom gave–and we sat and watched My Little Pony and the Muppets and ate takeout and this beautiful homemade cake.
So while some things are private and should remain so, I think I’m safe to tell the world that I still love my dessert baby. They are still the sweetest, and they still fill me with deep delight.
Thank you, honey, for letting us share your special day.

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