Allergy Day…

Happy allergy day–some people may know it as spring, but here in Nor Cal, people who have never had an allergy before in their lives have been known to get off a plane from Bus-Stop Metropolis and blow up like a poisoned toad with countless allergies that swell the eyes and stuff the head and make the ears and nose itch.

I swear to the twin gods of compassion and honor, that for 25 years of my life, I thought I got a spring cold every year.

Have we mentioned I’m a moron?

Anyway, speaking of moron…I think my computer graduated from a correspondence school with the short school bus as a logo. (Big T has actually ridden the short bus all his life and his sister–who is in the advanced classes–has been riding it with him for two years…it’s funny how I never actually put those things together when I’m using ‘short bus’ as a euphemism from ‘mentally retarded by sheer act of will to be totally stupid in order to piss off as many people as possible’)

I have been visiting your blogs–I have. (Except for Rae’s, which I visited yesterday and didn’t show any posts and then I visited today and it showed three and I went ACCKKKK…poor Rae will think I don’t love her any more and her week/month/2007 has been shit enough as it is!!!) But, see, here I am posting at lunch, right? Which is when I surf your blogs…and my work computer won’t show me your random letters for verification (which are seeming less and less random and more and more of some sort of vicious curse in the language of the cosmos, but that’s probably my own hallucinogenic paranoia brought on by fiber fumes…) so it will try to make me ENTER them, but it will not show me WHAT THEY ARE. Speaking of Cosmic Jokes? I think that right there speaks to something direly existential, that’s for certain… anyway, I’ve loved reading the movie memes…they’re a lot of fun…and I feel like an idiot (after looking at Julie’s) for completely forgetting LOR (hullo, I have a daughter named Arwyn Star…really…forget Lord of the Rings?)–I guess it’s because I think of them as a genre unto themselves–I could do an entire meme w/those films alone! I also think Rae is almost too hip to speak to me–she has such a wonderful, eclectic/artistic/non-mainstream taste in things! I’m not worthy, I’m really really not!

Anyway, I’ve been trying to go in and talk to you all at night…be advised that I frequently have tried to post like a freakin’ novel and then been denied during the day, so the night comments are a little short…all in all it boils down to “Fucking Blogger…” and we’ll leave it at that…

Work has been relatively friendly…considering that traffic made me late for my 1st class and then there was a whole issue about where the sophomores were supposed to be during that hour…anyway, I looked like a fool and I had no time to put my make-up on–the kids are really good at noticing when you look like shit.(“Gees, Ms. Mac, you look like crap, put some make-up on.” NO. I’m not kidding. That’s what they say.)

And, (I’m actually more excited about this than I sound…)


Yes, I did the cocker spaniel peepee dance in my kitchen last night…and then my usual paranoia set in…How many typos did I actually make?

I’ve been thinking of spending part of my next royalty check fixing the much-publicized typos in the first edition… any thoughts on this?

And for those of you who HAVE read my books–here’s a question: Have my typos gotten better in the second two books? I know they sucked large in the first–are they better now?

*phew* Well–I’m off to actually do my job…tomorrow I’ll post from home because I’ve got some cute pictures of the adorable infant…who will be 1 year old on April 3rd… *sniff*–time does fly!

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  1. goodwitch says:

    Yes, the typos have definitely gotten better in the last two books. Of course, I get so caught up in the story that it takes a major blurp to get me to notice. The only reason I noticed them in the first book was it interferred with my getting lost in the story at first.

  2. roxie says:

    Squeeee! Helicopter turns in the wet grass getting my slippers soaking wet! Squeeee! Author’s copies! Vicarious excitement! Squeeeeeeee!

    Sometimes, if the blogger doesn’t offer the verification word, I just hit publish anyway, and then the word pops up, and I can comment. worth a try. I turned off my verificataion thing.

  3. Glad your books came in. Now it’s concrete.

    I agree posting from work really sucks at times. Do you really want to see this? Then it doesn’t show up. GRR!

  4. NeedleTart says:

    Hi! Just trying to see if I can finally leave a comment. I got forced into New Blogger this morning. On topic: I hate bad grammer, but can live with typos. I have been reading the Harry Dresden books and he says over and over “Taller (smarter, stronger, whateverer) than me.” Makes me nuts (though the children say that’s not so hard)

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