Already better…

Just a quick post, because, hullo, I realized it had been a couple of days but…

I went to my friend’s wedding reception Saturday–it was up in the hills, and I think that if I didn’t like the contrast so much of the terrain divide in Forresthill, I would have put Green’s hill in Grass Valley, where my friend now lives, because it is twisty, turny, and secretive, with lots of roads on which two may meet but only one shall pass. (It’s a good thing Green didn’t put his hill there, though, because Cory would have to puke her way home all the time, and really, who wants to read about that?) Anyway, it’s very pretty, and the house was really awesome, and I was really sad because, above the sign-in picture (which was of the actual very private, very lovely ceremony that happened a week earlier) was a note that said my friend’s father had passed away a few days after the wedding. I don’t know how my friend managed it, but I would have been a total disaster. But then, with something that huge, ‘our tears have not yet brewed’–she will have a long time to miss her father, and only a brief time to celebrate the beginning of something wonderful, and I can see why the ‘don’t talk about it, we’re trying to hold it together’ sign was posted. I hope that when all has settled, my friend remembers it as a happy day–I do.

And school has started. I was getting the kids dressed this morning, and Mate came in and saw me in my skirt and said, “Damn! YOu’re really seeing kids today, aren’t you? I mean, you’ve been telling me all week but it just hit me that you’re at work!”

Yes, my darling, I’m at work. It was really weird– I remember a lot of these same kids from last year, and I gave a little speech about how they didn’t really see my A-Game last year. They won’t actually see it this year, either–really, the only teachers who get to play their A-game are the ones with no kids (or at least none at home) and a spouse who works too much or no spouse at all. (Which means I’ll get about ten years before I retire to play my A-game, provided I don’t get picked up by Roc or Tor first!) Anyway, it seemed like a good year–what was really positive (at least in my opinion) was that we changed grading programs, and although we didn’t get a hands-on workshop (and we’re expected to pick our way through our own tutorial…thanks a lot, Prickweenies, that’s GREAT!) I did manage to figure out how to take role today. I’m lucky–the program is profoundly user friendly.

But I miss the babies–as a going-back-to-school gift, Ladybug had a fever this morning, and I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to pump the little-bit up w/drugs and bail on her, because I CAN’T be absent today, and since Mate has to be with the older kids for their own back-to-school activities this week, he can’t really another day off either. So, I’m feeling guilty and unhappy…

But I remember last year, and as my 6th period screeched their way into my class,I could barely speak. I had no copies made for them and I remember sitting at my desk for about six minutes, completely glassy eyed from exhaustion and from the hopelessness that was already my 5th period, even before the dust had cleared. I was beaten before I started.

Today, my 6th period (Juniors) walked out the door, and a lot of my 5th period problem kids were there, but they were on their best behavior, and I was very positive, and when they filed out, I was still standing.

See–it’s already better.

0 thoughts on “Already better…”

  1. NeedleTart says:

    As it began, so may it continue. Well, the school part, not the Ladybug part.

  2. You can do it! How many days until Christmas break?

  3. roxie says:

    August? School starts in early August? Well that totally sucks rocks! Hope your red-headed ladybug is feeling better today. Blessings on you all!

  4. Catie says:

    wow, school already started? here it doesn’t start until after labour day
    good luck this year

  5. Donna Lee says:

    Blessed are those that teach….It was a little surprising to hear that you are back to school. I knew some states went back in late August but not this early. Our schools start after labor day. This is my first year with no children going back to school. I had to buy myself a new notebook just because that is what one does in August. Good luck and blessings on you for a positive year.

  6. Louiz says:

    Glad this year is alraedy better than last – and there is a parcel on its way, honest…

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