Okay– not just writing, but also working out, ignoring the shitpile my house has become, and getting my ass liberally kicked by springtime, which sprang on us like a jungle cat on an obese, out-of shape opossum, waddling through the pollen encrusted grass on the way to the water-aerobics hole.

Today, I had an errand to run, and the true horror of another summer WITHOUT air conditioning in my car became truly apparent. There I was, sneezing like a cat, as we drove down the tree-lined streets of Sacramento with my windows open. And to make things worse, that REALLY tires a girl out! I finished my errand, and then took Squish to a sit-down lunch at Mongolian BBQ– she was SO grown up–she got her own Root Beer ( and knew what it was–I think it was that pre-reading symbol identification thing) and sat down and ate her noodles happily, and talked to me constantly, and I gave her my 100% undivided attention. We went from lunch to pick up the big kids (which meant I’d left the house at 10 am and got home at 4 pm) and then, she went and quietly played. The result? The giant Rapunzel Barbie (see Christmas) all decked out in her old knit dress (which, *sniffle* has been half devoured by fucking moths. Fuckers.) Anyway– that right there is the photo above–proof, I guess, that although I’ve been #amwriting (as well as twittering, in order to explain that little symbol right there) I’ve also been fairly productive on a personal level too. (Although not as busy #amhousecleaning as Samurai Knitter, bless her! She CLEANS her oven–she doesn’t just try to use the drippings inside to kill off any sentient oxygen breathers in a two mile radius.)

But my final monthly writing total (not counting some editorial work for DSP) was 67K–I was proud, even though it’s not quite an entire novel, what I’ve got is pretty complex and dark, and I go slower when it’s darker, so, well, yay! (I hope “Yay!” I haven’t had a release since February. I know I’ve got two this month– Waiting and The Locker Room–but I sort of got used to lots of feedback, right in a row, and I’m, sadly, going into withdrawals.)

And Squish is 1/2way through a really thick workbook for preschool kids. She’s taken some of the assignments and ignored the directions, but she’s good at what she does, and works hard. I’m proud of her–I want her to be able to write her name and read a little by the time she hits Kindergarten– it’s looking like that might happen. She can already count to twenty and with some refreshing will probably know her alphabet, so, well, go Squish!

Anyway, besides a rocking workout, a whole lot of sneezing, and some moments with Squish–that’s all I’ve got. (Re: workout: one of the ladies I was working out with had some details about something that really pisses me off. I was doing tae bo moves–you know, punching water? Man, nothing like motivation to beat the holy living shit out of some water that desperately deserved it!)

Oh yeah– wait– two more things.

This morning:

Mate: Where in the fuck are the remote controllers. There were TWO of them? What did big T do with them?

Me: Well, you know, today WAS April Fool’s Day.

Mate: Wait just a minute. (He disappears into T’s bedroom and returns with two remotes.) Yup.

Me: Not a solid sense of self-preservation in that one. It’s a good thing we’ve got another boychild to carry on the family name.

Also, Marie let Mary Calmes and I be Thursday Things at Cup of Porn. Beware if you surf the website– the NSFW things are VERY NSFW– but very tasty too.

Oh yeah– I’m going to be doing a couple of guest blogs in the next few weeks–I’ll post links, but if I get too caught up in #amwriting, and it seems like I’m only blogging twice a week instead of more than that–well, I’ll tell you where I’ll be!

Oh yeah– a two headed synthetic leopard thing attacked itself yesterday! SKEERY!

0 thoughts on “#amwriting”

  1. roxie says:

    I love Squish's statue of the Playboy Madonna of May Queen.

    Big T is still working on the concept of humor – right? At least he didn't decide to super-glue everyone's shoes to the floor.

    You are a creative whirlwind!

  2. DecRainK says:

    Squish is gonna rule Kindergarten.

    BTW, totally agree that Steve McGarret would Seme. HOTNESS

  3. Galad says:

    Squish will have it all covered by kindergarten, I have no doubt. Yay for writing – houses just get dirty again anyway 🙂

  4. It's all about priorities. Writing trumps housework, and Squish trumps everything else.

    BTW: Happy Birthday Squish!

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