And about that weather…

First of all, I feel like I should say something about normalcy.

I recognize the times we are living in are not normal.

I recognize that the festering cum-stain on a shit-fly’s ass who occupies the presidency is… horrible. Putrescence. Bile. I recognize that 85% of the people who voted for him are disgusting examples of humanity and the rest were deluded beyond drugs, beyond tripping, beyond LSD. Nazis and white supremacists. People willing to let children die as long as it didn’t affect their bottom line. People who sided with “white” over “right”–or even over self-preservation. I fully expect “Arpaio” to go down in history as a word meaning the worst of the worst–the scum left over when you clean vomit off maggots off shit.

I am also afraid–international affairs are terrifying. Huston is heartbreaking. The full complement of Wesley Snipes’s bad guys from Demolition Man–they occupy seats of power right now. And on a moment by moment basis there is only so much we can do.

So when I get on my blog or social media and chat about waffles or my kids or the fact that it’s going to be 109 degrees tomorrow, I’m aware that the shit continues to hit the fan and there ain’t no way everybody’s gonna duck.

But I also know that we must still function.

Functioning must happen. We must wake up and get kids to school and wash the dishes and do the laundry. We change the world when we can.  The rest of the times we function.

So for the most part I try to keep politics out of my blog. I have a small audience–but the people who read tell me they read for the normal. For the happy. For the wisecracking kids and the adorable puppies and the bitchy cats.

So that’s what I will keep writing, because we all need normal to function.

But I just thought you should know–I’m aware that most of the time this blog is a bubble. But if it’s a bubble that makes people happy, helps them get through their day, helps them keep going to do good in the world, to get through worrying about folks in harms way, to have some peace before they go and do something amazing–I’m okay with that. Let Twitter conflagrate–this tiny corner of the universe is going to be kids and pets and little old ladies in the pool and the occasional knitted item. Or crochet–I’m crocheting right now. It uses yarn faster.

I hope that’s okay.

So, about that weather…

Did I tell you Squish played soccer this weekend? Yes! When it got to be 105 yesterday, her team was on its last seeding tourney game. The penalty ref was pretty much heat fatigued, and Mate was pulling kids off of the field and conceding the game. By the time we got home it was 6 pm, and Mate had been running around along with Squish–he’d been sideline refereeing the games he hadn’t been coaching.

He and Squish were exhausted.

She feel asleep at 7:30, after I made her shower, and stayed that way until 9:30 in the morning–so, yes, 14 hours of sleep. Somewhere in there she got off the couch and made her way to the bottom bunk, and I think she may have gotten a glass of water–but dudes. So. Tired. Mate only had two subs–he didn’t sub her out any in that last game. Most of the girls could barely haul themselves across the field.

So that was yesterday.

This morning we went to pick Big T up so he could come home and do laundry. On the way home we stopped at Volks Waffles. Now, Volks Waffles was this little kiosk–like a Dutch Brothers coffee place, a drive through. We were the guy’s only car, and he felt like talking, so he told us about his waffles.

Apparently he’s from Belgium, and, his words, “We’re famous for waffles, horses, and beer!”  So he wanted to bring Belgium waffles here–and the dough is actually imported and flown in.

It was so worth it. SO worth it.

The kids were fairly impressed–everyone but Squish, who is NOT a fan of Breakfast. I don’t care. Mate and I are going to be returning. Damn. Volks Waffles. Remember that!

And that’s the weekend.

I’m saying prayers for folks in Texas–and I know we’ll all do what we can to help. Stay safe everybody. Stay well. Do what good you can. Include the whole human race in your prayers. Most folks are good. You don’t want to miss anybody.


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