And for my day off I…

*  Fourth of July was marked by a landmark event. 

I cooked.  I made potato salad and big bowls of strawberries.  All stand in awe of my prowess and dedication to the holiday that Mate and I have mostly thought of as an opportunity to huddle in the air conditioning and watch movies.  *Amy bows*
*  The day after Fourth of July was Amy’s and Berry Jello’s Friendship Day.  This mostly means we got junk food and watched bad television– or great television, depending on your taste.  Given that I mostly have TERRIBLE taste in television, but that I’m passionate about my terrible taste in television, I think I shall recap:
       *  Teen Wolf-– once again, this show specialized in dumping characters and resurrecting them with a cavalier regard for plotting or continuity, but, also per usual, they were really good at inserting angelic looking mystery characters with lots of chemistry into the mix.  What this means is that they get away with violating every law of storytelling I hold dear by distracting me with pretty, and while I’m still going, “Ooh… can we have two guys kiss again?” they fuck up any semblance of integrity the show has.  *sigh*  Fucking pretty.  It will bite you in the ass. 
     *  James Patterson’s Zoo– Okay– they had GIANT CGI LIONS.  And a fuckton of cats in trees. And a handsome, scruffy guy who looks like he might live to the end of the season.  Right now, I’m calling it a win!  Oh yeah– and Billy Burke and some hot chick with a tattoo.  Win win win win win.
     *  Humans– This looked like a BBC production that has a startling resemblance to Robert Silverberg’s Tower of Glass.  The resemblance is made even more disturbing by showing us vulnerable, sympathetic robots who deserve not to get thrown away or have their memories wiped.  If you’ve read Tower of Glass, and you get to the end where the synthetic humans are ripping the real ones apart limb from limb, you know it’s not particularly reassuring to know these sympathetic creatures (all of whom were apparently designed from young, hot looking models, except the ones who aren’t sympathetic at all!) now all have backstories, tragic love lives, and souls.  Still– it obviously garnered my attention– I may look into it again!
I’ve also been slipping some reading into my life.  Now, I usually give everything I’ve read on GoodReads 5 *, because otherwise, I fall into the abyss of politics and reviews and should writers review other writers and blah blah blah blergh.  My policy is simple– if I like it enough to recommend, I recommend it.  If I don’t, I don’t mention it. I don’t even mention that I bought it. I am well aware that I am A. Picky, B. ADHD, and C. Moody and fucking Capricious in the extreme. My highly subjective, easily swayed opinion for why a book doesn’t capture my methadone squirrel attention for longer than five minutes is of no use to anybody.  The book that lost me at Hello may very well be someone else’s guiding light.  
So, if I finished a book, I had to like it (or, often, ADORED IT) and the following titles have kept my attention to the end.
Murder and Mayhemby Rhys Ford
Forging the Future-by Mary Calmes
Collide, Stay, and Pretendby Riley Hart
Rebecca-– by Daphne du Maurier 
Think of England— by K.J. Charles
Good OmensNeil Gaimen and Terry Pratchett
So, you know.  My opinion is worth absolutely diddly/squat, but there you go. I just gave it on a variety of things–hopefully, I was at least entertaining!

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