And General Weirdness

Okay–so Easter was fine. We had ham and the two older kids came over which was awesome–but I have to say, I wasn’t in the mood to enjoy it as much as I could have been.

Mate kept the kids up until 1:30 the night before, which means that by the time I got to bed, it was 3:30, and a weird thing happens to me when I go to bed that late. I can’t go to sleep.

So I lay there, shaking and cold and SLEEPLESS (the cold thing always comes with the sleepless thing–I think it’s part of that circadian rhythm thing that happens) and at around 5:30–when I was finally dozing off, the dog got up.

Now, she’s been sort of out of sorts–low energy, rumbly tummy–since Friday. We have no idea what happened. She started out her walk super excited and then ate a bug. Something. Saturday there was no poop–and she almost made us pick her up she was so tired. So, six o’clock, Sunday morning, she jumps out of bed and decimates the bedroom.

Decimates. If the rug hadn’t been totaled before, well, it is now.

All the poop. Then she whimpered until I picked her up (while Mate was cleaning up) and she just shook in my arms until I got up at nine and took her in to the vets.

We left her there for the rest of the day–but I have to say, I was REALLY out of it for the entire day of festivities.

She got home still a little sad and tired, but improving, and she’s almost 100% tonight, but Easter Sunday was sort of a blur.

*sigh* The adult children–who have been chafing under social distancing–seemed to be really happy to have a place to go even if it was just mom and dad’s for ham. That made me happy. Also, my son starts a job–after losing both his others to COVID-19. He’ll be washing dishes in a senior care facility, and while not exactly excited that he’ll be in a virus hotbed, he should be pretty isolated from the worst of it–and a job is hard to come by right now. Kudos for him for going out to look for something.

Today, I got a FANTASTIC gift–my friend who is moving sent me an ENTIRE CASE of old Harlequins, and I love it so. I want to just curl up and start reading right now. *kisses fingertips* Perfection.  I have to admit, I need that sort of distraction–there is other family weirdness I won’t bore you with and the dog keeps passing gas that has color, taste, and sound.  Suffice it to say, a romance book may be the best place to be.

My dog is okay right now. Sometimes, it’s the little things  that keep your shit together, right?

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