And in Book News…

Wow– talk about shit sneaking up on you!

Becoming is out TODAY–available at Torquere Books and All-Romance e-books and, of course, coming in the next couple of days from  (For those of you who are sort of addicted to, I will tell you that ARe has better deals, and they do offer stuff in Kindle format–or .prc, if you’re looking at the list.  I mention this only because I know what it’s like to go, “Aw, geez… but I HATE getting out my credit card to buy something.”  They can set you up to send stuff to your Kindle, and that’s sort of cool.)

Anyway, Becoming is the fifth installment in the Jack & Teague & Katy series, aka the Green’s Hill Werewolves, and it’s one of the most painful.  (For those of you along for the ride, you’re probably wondering how ANYTHING can be more painful than Changing.  Uhm, trust me.  The angst only goes deeper.)  The thing I really loved about this one is that editing it had me writing on Quickening again, in the dark of the night, because Green and Cory and Bracken really do have some nice moments here.  And, of course, Teague…

What can I say?  Teague and Jack were (as many of you know) inspired by the guys on Supernatural.  But then, as inspirations go, my two guys quickly became something totally and completely different than the seeds of their creation may have indicated, and Teague is a prime example.  I’m working on a character now who has layers and layers to his pain, and every time I wonder if I’ve got the chops to peel another layer, I look at Teague and think, “Oh yeah.  I wrote THAT guy–I can do this.”  Teague is just so complex, so flawed, so noble, so damned damaged and so worth the pain.  Yeah–he’s my guy.  He’s my Captain Kirk, bleeding from a stomach wound and captaining the Enterprise through a battle, my Dean Winchester, cracking wise when he’s bleeding out, and my Sir Galahad, serving self-lessly and without reservation, all rolled up into one.  Every time I read this (and remember–three edits to prep it for publication!) the guy just sort of stabs me in the heart, and oh, how I enjoy the pain.

I REALLY hope you enjoy it as well.

(And family anecdote for the day– it was a really shitty morning in general.  Mom wasn’t focusing on all four cylinders, and NOBODY was organized.  Anyway, Squish decided it was a day she had to wear something blue, or something close to blue, so the outfit I gave her was fiddled with behind my back, and we didn’t have time to fix it.  She left the house in a red and black plaid shirt/dress and purple-heart-dotted leggings.  And bright neon green Halloween socks.  Where’s that badge absolving me from the blame for that mess?  The “I swear my kid dressed herself!” badge?  Because that outfit made my eyes water!)

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  1. You know, the Eldest never wore matching socks and she loved bright colors. Parents know.

    Congrats on the book!

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