And in the future, we shall all carry pocket computers… oh wait.

Okay– I admit. I finished a couple of big projects and have been enjoying some downtime. It’s not that I’m not working on a project (I’m ALWAYS working on a project–and if not, there’s ALWAYS Quickening) it’s more that I’m more invested in playing with the kids or cuddling or folding laundry. This could be because I’m taking a 3-day hiatus as mom, or this could be because I’m letting the dragon grumble in his cave, but either way, I’m not worried. I’ve had my current story (Clear Water) cooking in my head for a while, and when the dragon wakes, the story is waiting to be written. (My current theory about writer’s block is that it’s what happens when writers spaz out and bang their head against a brick wall for too long and then their creativity passes out and bleeds for a while. I don’t like brick walls myself. They hurt. Sometimes I have to haul my fat ass over them, but I don’t generally smash my head against them, because the point is?)

Anyway– so I’ve been asked to be in a panel for the ins and outs of e-publishing. I’m like, Uhm? Okay! I mean, seriously–it’s a kick they’d ask me and I’m not gonna say NO for heaven’s sake! (And I’m going to be on it with one of my editors from Torquere, which is fun!) I just have a whole lot of years of, “Yeah, I get it, I have nothing useful to say so I’ll shut the fuck up,” to get out of my system. *Slightly feral grin* Actually, that sounds sort of awesome. Forget I said anything. There IS no trepidation, there is only get on a stage and have some fun and kick a little ass! *nods* I DO like this industry– people are SO very nice!

And I got a new phone. This was interesting– I had some say in the matter. Mate took me around to the different phones and let me push buttons while he asked relevant questions and then we took our free upgrade and parlayed it into a Windows Phone 7–which does not sound as sexy as, say, an iPhone4 or a Blackberry Anything, but which seemed to suit me just fine, and which will do more than I can possibly be able to use. I look forward to using Twitter on it, as well as Netflix. Oh yeah, and checking my e-mail of course, and I understand that it even does this voice thing where you can actually TALK to another human being on some other part of the planet. I don’t know what that’s called but it all sounds so very archaic and barbaric to me– how positively thrilling! (Today’s picture, btw, is brought to you by that phone commercial that features the kittens… I can’t find it on youtube, but it’s adorable. Trust me. Anyway, it’s a phone commercial, so I sent you my own downloaded cat cuteness in honor of my new phone. See? My brain IS normal. Really.) But anyway– new phone. Since, yanno, I’m going to Florida and all:-)

Anyway– we went to see Furious Five last night– I will not tell you what all was said as we were WATCHING the movie, with the exception of the fact that at the beginning of every race (and there were a lot of them) I expected one of the male leads (and there were a lot of them) to say “Winner tops, loser bottoms!” and that, given what I do for a living, I got a lot of entertainment from that alone. That, and, as with Season of the Witch, I’m starting to learn that sometimes going to a B movie–or, a C- movie– is often just as if not more entertaining than going to an A+ movie. The King’s Speech–that was awesome and I’ll watch it again and it will make me a better person. But Furious Five? That was iNTERACTIVE fun, because if Mate and I weren’t snarking while we watched it, we weren’t being true to our souls. So, (for me, anyway) it was pretty, it was plotbunny fertilizer, and it was good snarky fun. For Mate, it was good snarky fun.

And that’s all for now–Happy Memorial Day. Goddess bless all those who have died defending hearth and home, as well as those left behind.


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  1. DecRainK says:

    OMG I now have yummy yummy images of Vin Diesel and Paul Walker in my head. I can so see that playing out. Loved Fast Five and now I'm replaying every fast car scene from ALL the movies in my head with that twist. Thanks Amy!

  2. A Windows phone in the MAC household? How will it ever survive? Congrats on the new small computer.

  3. Chris says:

    Congrats on the panel invitation! 🙂

  4. Galad says:

    Ok – you just confirmed for me that I do want to see Fast Five 🙂

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