And meanwhile, in the kitchen…

*  Yesterday, the kids were awesome and took out the trash.  I was sweeping up the floor when I noticed they’d forgotten to put liners in the cans.

“Hey, Zoomboy– come here and put a bag in the trashcan, could you?”

He pads into the kitchen and reaches for the box with the bags in it.  But first he has to move something.

“Oh, hey!” he says, lighting up like a firecracker. “Look! Sunflower seeds! I love sunflower seeds!”

And then he walked away, happily munching sunflower seeds, leaving me holding the broom and the dustpan in his wake.

*  Today, I had to write two blog posts promoting Food for Thought.  So, basically talk about the one thing I know least about– the kitchen– while sitting in the kitchen.  I start writing about food rescue, and how cheese is your ultimate weapon, and thinking about what’s in the refrigerator and…

An hour later, the kids come in.

“Mom, what’s that cooking on the stove?”


“Why are you making food at three in the afternoon.”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Smells great! Is that cheese?”


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  1. Unknown says:

    There are days when you inspire my inner Sir Gawain to come rescue you from the kitchen….and times when my inner Merlyn wants to just show up and cook….the whole weird cast and crew inside my head just reaches out to send you a HUG!

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