And Oh Crap!

So– I’ve been getting to the part of my year where, periodically, I have a quiet moment, gaze serenely into space, and suddenly shout, “Oh crap!”

Because one more damned thing didn’t get done.

Goddammit and oh crap.

So, while I run around and finish an edit and write my Christmas letter so we can send it out on Tuesday, I’m going to be grateful I got to do a couple of non-oh-Crap! things this weekend.

The first thing was I got to take the kids shopping. I was a little depressed that we didn’t do Santa this year–but then, I looked at last year’s blog about doing Santa and last year, Squish realized she was the tallest non-grownup in the line.  ZoomBoy was going to get upset, but I told him, “Look at that line! Look at it! Would you rather be in that line right now or right here, slurping Icees?”

Well, DUH!

The kids enjoyed themselves–the older kids came too–and they split up the family nicely so each kid only had to shop for three people. It was funny– before we left I said, “Dammit– we put Big T and Squish together. She’s going to spend money like insanity, and he’s going to lend her some more of his own.”

We got to the next store, and there they were.  Big T said, “She ran out of her own money so I gave her another twenty.”

Mate and I cracked up, and I slipped him another twenty–but damn. Do I know how to read those kids or what?

Speaking of which–Squish asked to watch Home Alone tonight. I’d forgotten how awful that movie was–besides the cartoon violence at the end, that kid’s family was pretty awful to him. So, when Catherine O’Hara was being mean to her son and sending him up to sleep in the attic alone, Squish said, “That’s bullshit. Real moms don’t act like that!”

I have to say I was flattered. Her mom didn’t act like that. Score one in  the motherhood department– this time of year, we need the win.

Also–Squish took us shopping to Target for gifts for the Mustard Seed School– that’s the school for homeless children in Sacramento. She was a good shopper for that–I was very proud.

Also, we saw Rogue 1, which was SO worth seeing–but I sobbed. Like, UGLY CRIED at the ending. So be warned!  Fun fact–and I forgot to get a picture–was that ZB wore his Jedi Robe–the one his grandmother made him last Christmas, as well as the hat I made for him when Force Awakens comes out.  Bless his little heart! *sniffle*

Oh– and we had frost again. The kids think it’s the end of the world– they can’t remember it was ever this cold.

Wow– I am so falling asleep here.

I’ve only got one more detail to add to this boring-myself-to-sleep blog.

We got the dog groomed. Yeah, I know. We all may die of cute!

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