0 thoughts on “And oh yeah, I’ve got T-shirts;-)”

  1. TinkingBell says:

    Love love LOVE the t-shirts!!!! I may have to get me one (in another couple of credit card pyments – because there was that rush of insanity leading up to christmas…) Loved the bonding with the kids – I’ve got teenagerdom to look forward to – and really – I’m pretty crap at the little kids stuff – ah me – I’ll just have to practice more!

  2. Galad says:

    Love the t-shirt and would wear it frequently. I would feel a little guilty taking credit for editing when others did the work though :-)It is a great promotional idea – I might be able to recruit a whole bunch of new Amy Lane fans!

  3. Louiz says:

    What galad said!

  4. Louiz says:

    Oh, and BM1 doesnot suck. (ok I can only guarantee the prologue and the first couple of chapters (5 maybe… 6?) but so far it’s brilliant!)

  5. Donna Lee says:

    That is so cool. I would totally wear it and tell everyone I had nothing to do with the editing. I would just tell them that you were an “undiscovered wonder” and make them all jealous they hadn’t heard of you first!

  6. MadMad says:

    Cute! Your colleague’s just jealous she can’t have her own T-shirts!

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