And on a happier note…

I think Ladybug has potty-trained herself.

She’s been insisting she sit on the potty–taking off her pull-up and scrambling up there and waiting for something magical to happen, but none (none!) of our children have been potty-trained before three, so we were just sort of indulging her–you know, “Isn’t that cute? She wants to be like Cave Troll?”

And yesterday, she sat up there and went poop. And I was surprised.

And this morning, she woke up with a dry diaper, ran for the pot, and went pee. And now I’m shocked.

And I need to add one more thing to my list of stuff to buy, because that sort of initiative has earned her some Dora and La la la (Little Mermaid) underwear, don’t you? Because if she doesn’t get it, this may just go away!

0 thoughts on “And on a happier note…”

  1. Louiz says:

    Wow! Definately deserves some lovely underwear!

  2. Galad says:

    Good for her (and you). I agree that definately deserves new underwear!

  3. Three cheers for LadyBug!!

  4. TinkingBell says:

    Oh yeah – go the new pants!!

    re DQ – so tough – we had to make the decision about our 12 year old Lab – he needed to go and spending a million bucks wouldn’t have changed it! But it doesn’t stop it being hard!

  5. roxie says:

    Lalala big girl panties! YES!

  6. Donna Lee says:

    Oh yes, new underwear is called for. Now she can lift up her skirts and show them off to everyone she meets!

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