And on Mondays I’m Amy

Okay– this is a purely business post with a weird little anecdote at the end.

Riptide has a policy of scheduling blog tours for their authors, and since it tends to sell books, I’m not going to argue.  On top of that, Chase in Shadow had a pretty good weekend over at Amara’s Place, and I thought you all would want to check that out!  So, basically, uhm, yeah.  Let the book pimpage begin!  (And btw?  Auto-Correct keeps turning “pimpage” to “pimple”.  Since the word “pimple” sort of grosses my out, I really wish it wouldn’t do it.)

So, release the hounds of authorial whoredom, and let the frenzy begin!

Saturday, April 21st:  Chase in Shadow at Amara’s Place , both a review and an
article from me!

And following is the blog tour event schedule for Country Mouse— Aleks and I will both post articles, interview our characters and be interviewed by our blog hosts, and generally, we will participate in general hilarity.  Anyway, I thought I’d give you guys an overview of where I’m going to be this week.  And, of course, I will post a couple of times here anyway, because this started out as a family blog/knitting blog/what-the-hell-ever blog, and that hasn’t changed.  
Anyway, I give you… the blog tour!
April 23 – Joyfully Jay
April 23 – Top 2 Bottom
April 24 – Amara’s Place 
April 25 – Pants Off Reviews
April 26 – All I Want and More
April 27 – Book Wenches
Oh yes– and I promised you an anecdote.  
My Monday Aqua teacher knows my pseudonym– she has, in fact, read my books.  The instructor for the other classes knows me by my other name.  There are a number of women there who know me as both, and who attend both instructors like I do.  So the Monday instructor was offering praise (which I strive for, because I’m an annoying teacher’s pet that way, forgive me) and she said, “Good job, Amy!  Nice form!”
And Daisy, a leather-tanned peanut of a sixty-something year old who has devoted her retirement to being as fit and healthy as any twenty-year-old man, with zero body-fat to boot, paddles by me (cause she’s amazing) and says, “It must be Monday, because you’re Amy.”
And so there you go.  Tomorrow’s Monday, the blog tour is beginning, and I am Amy:-)

0 thoughts on “And on Mondays I’m Amy”

  1. Donna Lee says:

    It doesn't matter what you call yourself, your irrepressible self shines through.

    Have fun on the blog/book tour! At least there isn't any jet lag involved.

  2. Blog tour!!! Have fun.

  3. Galad says:

    The name doesn't matter – just know you are awesome 🙂

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