And Soccer is Back Again…

Which means we’re all a little behind, so it’s going to be a quick blog post!

*  I’ve been watching The Killing on Netflix. I’ve become fascinated with Linden’s sweaters. *purrr*  *drool*  By the way, I understand there’s a Ravelry group called “As Seen on TV” where I can go see if there’s any patterns for them. Thanks Samurai, my enabling friend!

*  I am also most put out with Mate for not letting me watch the next episode because we both had, *sniff* work. Seriously. Who made us grownups?

*  Was taking Big T to his job after his dentist appointment the other day, and asking him for directions.

He pointed right and said, “Left!”

“Fucking seriously?”

He laughed. “Weast?”

I laughed at that all the way to his job, even after he told me he got it from SpongeBob.

*  On Friday, Morgan at Open Skye Book Reviews is going to host the cover reveal of Tart and Sweet, the last Candy Man book. A few days after that, the book should go on presale– stay tuned to Open Skye and DSP because woot!  Things will be moving fast!

*  For those of you wondering at the sudden influx of books out after what feels like long stretches of time between, last year I wrote 260 THOUSAND words that will be released NEXT YEAR. It’s made my release schedule a little chaotic, but things are about to become a little more regular!

* The kids went to dance today for the first time in two weeks. It did not go… well.  Squish cried. A lot.   I really wish I had those kids who did perfect on the soccer field and perfect on the dance floor.  But what I have raised are good-reading smart-asses, and since they keep me entertained, I can’t be sorry.

But I really hate to see her cry out of sheer frustration.

*  I foresee a grooming session in Geoffie’s future– mostly because she can’t see ANYTHING at the moment.  I’ll send pix when I take ’em.!

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