And something about other people…

* Chicken won a poetry contest! WWWWWWWOOOOOOTTTTT!!!! As soon as the website publishes it to vote on, I’ll post the link, but in the meantime, she’s SOOOOO stoked. And I’m so damned proud, it’s not even funny. I am mommy, hear me brag.

* Last night, Zoomboy was sitting on my lap and I said, “Do you want to go to the zoo?” He said, “Yes. I want to see lions in their habitat.” Habitat. Wow. I’m impressed. He came into the kitchen this morning with a wooden axe and a wooden shield and said, “Look, mom– I’m a Viking!” Not even my six year olds in fiction talk that well.

* Big T did the dishes. Okay–it’s not that exciting, but he’s just generally a big, earnest kid who lives for us all to be out of the house so he can have the television to himself. He was a little bit envious of his sister’s success but he copped to it and congratulated her, and did I mention his ginormous heart? I should have.

* And today, Squish was cute. She nags, she orders, she tells me stories, she insists she sit in my lap. The ass-kicking nightmare in pink has passed 1/2 way done– no Squish deserves an ass-kicking nightmare in pink more than mine.

* Mate changed our relationship on Facebook. We’re no longer ‘friends’, we’re now ‘married’. I had to confirm this fact. Kind of a weird world when you have to confirm a twenty year relationship with your computer. Just very, very, odd.

And now it’s off to figure out something to do with all these fun people now that it’s raining and the zoo is not an option. We’ve got to get the short folks out of the house or my next post is not going to be nearly so cheerful! And, uhm, Promise Rock is out tomorrow. Because, you know, waiting on reviews for Rampant isn’t going to be stressful enough.

And now some more about me.

0 thoughts on “And something about other people…”

  1. Catie says:

    Congratulations Chicken.

  2. Galad says:

    Way to go Chicken! Looking forward to reading your poem.

  3. roxie says:

    It's not just the hair that runs in the family, is it? Yay Chicken! And Yay Big T! Way to go, big brother.

    And, ahem, Way to GO Amy! Awesome interview! I'm jealous and sooooo happy for you and way, way proud to be your friend. Those questions are so hard to answer without sounding like an egotist or an idiot, but you sound like a fascinating, articulate, imaginative author. Bravo!

  4. cosmonaut says:

    So, it's 11:35 at night and I just bought KPR. I'm going to try and read for about a hour and then go to bed. I'm afraid I will be to absorbed with the story and thus will be going to sleep in the wee hours of the morning (hence the hour limit, maybe :D).

  5. Louiz says:

    Congratulations, Chicken:)

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