And that happened how?

Okay– I admit.  I’m an expert in seeing how time can be sucked from my day until only the shriveled husk remains, but I am, at this moment, at a terrible loss.

How can this week have gone by so fast?

And then it dawns on me– Chicken is home and Squish turns 8 tomorrow. 

And then I remember– I have been doing mommy things– buying clothes, buying birthday fun things, taking Big T to the doctor, getting Squish mid-day because she’s wet her pants, talking to Chicken, watching the last Harry Potter movie twice with Zoomboy on my lap, and setting up the dual birthday party festivity that is our life.

You know.  Mommy things.

And I thought I had it under control– I did.  I was doing the job and writing as much as I could and doing mommy things, and then, today, Big T was yammering at me.  It wasn’t his fault– I think the prednisone he’s taking for bronchitis has excited him into a veritable verbal excess of galactic proportions–but suddenly I was about two deep breaths away from throwing the dog at his head.  And no, that wouldn’t have been good for the dog either.  So, I decided that I’d go lay down and wake up in time to either go work out or do some housework, before running another endless parade of errands.  And then I could blog/answer mail/ chat on FB/actually write and, in short, do all of the things that I usually get to do with my day. 

I set the alarm wrong, and woke up two hours later feeling infinitely refreshed and desperately behind. 

And that has been the story of my day.

So I have nothing to offer you today– no blinding insights (although I did post my Amy’s Lane essay at in the “News” section, and it seems to have garnered some positive attention– there’s a link on the top of the blog page if you’re interested) and no news on what I’m working on (I’m 25K into my WWII bittersweet dream.  Nobody wants to read this.  I assure you,) and I’m holding off on the news of Beneath the Stain because this one is going to be released slightly different, because it’s much longer.  So, well, there you go.  I’ve been so busy, nothing has happened.  Or not much at any rate.  So, I’m going to leave you with the picture at the top.  Chicken with a chicken.  Because we found it when we were shopping for Squish, and Chicken isn’t going to get an Easter basket this year–she’s going to be at school.  So I bought her the Chicken.  Because it’s so damned awesome.  And really?  That’s all I gots.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That Greenhill link. I do not think it goes to where you think it goes.

    It's early. That was my best Inigo Montoya.

    Unless I am missing something in the news section in which case, mea culpa.

    And happy Squish Day. I need to know when the Poulet is coming back. She never arranges her return pickups 😀

  2. Happy birthday Squish!

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