And today I…

Took the dogs for coffee and sausage.

Took a walk.

Finished an edit.

Wrote a little.

Did some laundry.


Kicked the cat out of my suitcase. Twice.

Argued with cat thusly:

“You can’t go!”
“It’s not a cat thing, I just only have one ticket.”
 “I will end you.”
 “Get the fuck out of my suitcase!”
“Is that what this is? Scuse me while I knead your favorite clothes. And some more.”
“Otherwise known as the sweater that travels.”
“Get OUT!”
And so on.

When this was done I…

Took the small dog to re-do her grooming.

Talked to Cedar and Melissa at the vets office, whom you will meet in Freckles, my Christmas story this year.

Took the small dog home.

Took the kids to go get mani-pedis.

The mani-pedi people were busy, so I only got a pedi. And eyebrows. Definitely eyebrows.

Zoomboy got sparkles on his toes. Squish got sparkles on his fingers. We all got pomegranate sodas. Then I bought some yarn!

Took the kids home for soccer.

Tried to get some work done.

Went grocery shopping so the family wouldn’t starve while I was away this week.

Came home and unloaded the car.

Went back to the grocery store and got cat food and laundry detergent because I forgot.

Came home and ate sandwiches and prepped the kids for the fact that I’d be gone.

Wrote a list for Wednesday and Thursday night since I won’t be here.

Packed some more.

Found a  computer case. Washed and dried it.

Packed some more.

Sat at computer and thought, “OH, hey, maybe I can work… except it’s 12:00.”

Looked up flight info for tomorrow.

Kansas City, I’ll arrive around 5:03 P.M.!

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