And What Did Our Warrior Hamster Do Now?

Yesterday I did the unthinkable–I dove into the disaster that was my swag stash and– are you ready for this?

I did it!  Just what I said I’d do!


Anyway– I put T on retainer, and I owe him $40, but basically his job was to be standing by.  Anytime I shouted his name like a fishwife in Sicily, he needed to come running.  He mostly anticipated my needs anyway, but every now and then I shrieked his name, just so he’d feel like he earned his keep.

And today was… guess.

C’mon– I know you can guess.  Anyone who’s been around for any length of time (seven years now, people.  Seven years.  And remember, I was doing it for five years before that.  Ugh.  Seriously.  Eleven years of my life.)  Anyway…

It’s soccer season.

So this morning it was all kids, get dressed– no, not school.


Zoomboy almost staged a rebellion but then I fed him his breakfast of Concerta and milk and he perked right up.  Mate said he played the game of his life– must remember those meds!

Squish was playing really well–and then her own teammate stole the ball from her, and she just retreated.  I mean, why play of your own guy thinks you suck, right?  I told her to go back in there and fight for that ball like she fought with her brother on any of the occasions she assumed he was wrong and he wouldn’t give in.

She played much better during the second half.  I was proud.

Anyway– swag.  See the pretty new swag?  After GRL I was thinking about doing random swag giveways.  It would have to be a contest… I haven’t forgotten those bags of packages, yo?

But I have all of my bookmarks organized, and that makes me feel better because they stay prettier that way.  So, well, yeah!  Warrior hamster did her family proud!

Oh– and this is my family, enjoying the fruits of our active morning.  Mate is surfing, because he had to get up early and set up the fields, and dammit, he’s earned the right to surf.

Oh– and hey!  I have a FB chat next week with Harmony Ink.  I’ll post more–both here and on Twitter and FB itself, but thought I’d give everyone the heads up.  It’ll be on Harmony Ink’s FB page and I’ll be discussing the Bitter Moon books!

Oh– and hey!  Speaking of dusting off some of my forgotten stuff!  Torquere Press is going to recover my Green’s Hill Werewolf series and release them as paperback books!  Wanna see the covers?

*dimples*  I knew you would.

I’ll set up the link and do a little chat about them when they come out, but right now?

I really love that I’m going to have them in paperback.  Some things don’t ever change.

Go Warrior Hamster, Go!

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  1. roxie says:

    Warrior Hamster – you rock! Bravo!

    How did you learn to scream like a scicilian fishwife? I understand that is quite an art.

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