Angst and Veal

Okay, I know some of you are in deep mourning for BSG, and I don’t mean to piss on your parade. You go ahead and mourn, but for those of us who follow the ways of the Winchesters, I’ve got one word:


(Don’t fuss too much with the link. It’s just yet another video but I like the song!)


Seriously guys–for those of us that follow the show, last night was something of a watershed moment. Lots of questions answered, lots of pain, lots of kicking ass and remorseful angst… and Sammy hauling ass to save his big brother, who he was afraid would be too broken to do what was needed… *sigh* Good stuff.

I could thrive emotionally on angst and veal alone, but the writing is going well too, and school actually went sort of well today. Projects were due, and I expected that to be a big cricket-chirping blank in my 3rd period, and a few people actually did them. *woohoo* Someone in my 4th period (the same guy who participated in my ‘rabid-fan-scream’ ritual, actually– go figure) did a poster on Wounded. He did a stand-up job–I put it in the “Non-erasable-wall-space-of-fame” and he was very honored. Well, so was I, so we’re even.

After having to frog (and you all know how much I LOVE that) the toe of the roulette sock, I may–just MAY mind you, be ready to send it out tomorrow. Sorry, Trish–I got caught up in life.

Of course, now I have to work my fingers to the raw because I’ve got two baby blankets to get done in three weeks… but crochet goes so damned quickly, I’m not that worried. I have a cute pattern planned, and I’m starting to wonder–am I to the point in my crafting where I should start getting rid of some of my books? Seriously–now that I know what I use and what I like to use, I think there are some books here I’ll NEVER use. But then, I’m young yet in crafting–maybe when part of my day no longer consists of being a barcalounger, I might get into more challenging stuff. And start quilting again. And put out two books a month. (Dreeeeeeeaa-m dream dream dream dream, dreeeeeeeeaaam… dream dream dream dream, whenever I want to, all I have to do is dreeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaammmmmmm…)

Oh– Ladybug moment of the day? Standing on the bed and raising her hands to sing to the intro of ‘The Muppet Show’–best dvd moment EVER!!!!

I had a more coherent post than this planned–sweartadog– but that one moment with Ladybug has been part of a host of moments in which mom’s presence was EXCLUSIVELY NEEDED on her part. Let’s just say it’s cut into my creativity and coherency just a little.

Oh–hey–I have a confession to make. I wrote a fanfic. *hides face in hands* Yeah. It gets worse. I put myself in it. *sob* It features Dean Winchester having a conversation with the one teacher he didn’t hate or alienate *wince* and we’re discussing *wait for it* heroic archetypes and why the fallen Gothic hero is possibly more heroic than the romantic hero who NEVER falls. *embarrassed grimace* Yeah–someday I may post it, but not today. Today, in spite of the fact that it’s nearly 70 degrees outside at nine o’clock at night, I’m going to go put on a couple of sweaters. No offense to you all, because I know you love me? But after that confession, I’m feeling a little naked. *Run awaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!*

0 thoughts on “Angst and Veal”

  1. roxie says:

    9PM and 70 degrees? You guys do a wonderful spring! Drag the Mate away from WOW, put chicken adn Big T in charge, and go for a walk in the warm dark night.

    Fanfic? We all do it. Some of us are brave enough to admit to it. Your vulnerability makes you even more loveable.

  2. NeedleTart says:

    Honey, I’ve been writing Mingo fan-fic for um…….40 years. Party on.

  3. Galad says:

    Nothing wrong with a little entertaining fanfic 🙂

  4. J. Kamm says:

    Amy! Ahem, having had the distinct honor of reading said fanfic, there should be no shame in posting it! But this is coming from another rabid fan-girl…..hehehe.

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