Annnnd… they’re home.

Yeah, I know– seems quick, doesn’t it?

Me too. Didn’t stop me from worrying a little every day, and being REALLY grateful nothing major went down, but my mom says they had a blast–and I’m pleased.

And what did I do with my time off?

Mate and I saw two movies– Larry Crowne (it was sweet) and Captain America (awesome–it probably won’t get enough attention this summer, but I really loved it.) We watched about seven hours of dvr’d True Blood and In Plain Sight. And we went to a steakhouse and ate big slabs of tasty cow.

And we REALLY enjoyed each other’s company–including uninterrupted conversations that we giggled at like second graders and that only we would get.

And the best part? The children are expected to sleep for two days after all of that exhausting fun.

Did I mention it was a win/win situation?

*happy sigh*

Really. There’s so few of those.

And on the writing front? Well, I got nearly 5K done on Ryan and Scott’s little Christmas adventure, and I started… well, I can’t really tell you what it is, and I can’t even promise that it will be published–but it obviously meant something to me, or I wouldn’t have broken paper, right?

And I’m DYING to write Quickening. I will work on it for a week when I’m done w/Ryan and Scott–I truly will. And my big goal tonight? Visiting blogs. My favorite time of the week!

Oh wait– I’ve got two funnies:

Funny the first– my husband (who is, we all admit, a wonderful man) was having a traffic tantrum which makes him (he admits it) a bit of a dick. As he was swearing at the person in front of us, I made the time honored gesture of jacking off.

“Oh honey, are you having a bad day? Would you like me to rub your back for you?”

He looked at me and grimaced. “I’m being a dick, aren’t I?”

“How else would this rub your back?”

We snickered, but I have to admit–he stopped yelling at the people in front of us!

Funny the second–

After picking the kids off, I dropped my nephew off at his house. I had only JUST learned of a back way to his house, and I was a little uncertain as to the finer points of it–but I had a general idea where I was going.

“Okay,,” I muttered to myself, “Do I take Lost street or Winding?”

“You take Lost. Where the hell are you going?”

“To your house!”

“This doesn’t lead to my house!”

“The hell it doesn’t!”

“Okay–ALL roads lead to my house. But they’re not always quick.”

“Are you walking?”


“Then this is the best way to your house!”

We got to his house (and yes, I took the long way) and I said “Chicken and T will help you take stuff up to your porch.”

“It’s twenty feet away! I don’t need help.”

“Okay, so get back in the car.”


“So I can open the door and push you out of a moving vehicle.”

“That’s okay, I’ll just take my stuff and go inside now!”

Me and the teenagers were all giggling by the time we got out of his driveway–and my daughter told me I’d done an excellent job of giving him shit. She said my sister would be proud.

0 thoughts on “Annnnd… they’re home.”

  1. One of our favorite quotes is can you at least slow down to 55 before you throw me out?

    Glad you had time to recharge.

  2. roxie says:

    That time just FLEW by! Nice to know your folks are still competant to wrangle kids.

    Love your funnies. You and Mate are a pair to draw to!

  3. Donna Lee says:

    What is it about driving that brings out the dick in men? I have to constantly remind Pk to let it go. (and that those folks he's flipping off could have guns).

    Isn't it nice to recharge those romantic batteries? Those just-between-us jokes are so very precious. As my kids move out, I keep wondering when I'll feel the "empty nest symdrome" that everyone talks about.

  4. DecRainK says:

    Yay for Win/win situations and WOOHOO for more writing. can't wait to read everything.

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